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'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood in trouble again

Amber Portwood in trouble again
Amber Portwood in trouble again
Madison County/Splash News Online

Hopefully, "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood will make keeping her anger in check her #1 New Year's resolution.

Portwood, 20, was arrested on Monday in Anderson, IN after yet another domestic violence incident.

Going at Gary...again

It seems that Amber's ex-fiance and father to her two-year-old daughter, Leah, is the target of her aggression again. According to US Magazine, Portwood was place on a 24 hour hold with $5,000 bail and was formally charged with four counts (three felony and one misdemeanor) related to physical attacks on Gary Shirley.

RadarOnline reported that Portwood, not surprisingly, has been barred from having any contact with her little girl and that Shirley will be taking care of their daughter in the interim.

Portwood is expected to be released on Tuesday.

"Some people should just not be parents," said Abbey T of Cincinnati. "She should be sentenced to a court-mandated 'tube tying' so that she can never procreate again! The one I feel the most sorry for is little Leah."

Maria A of Cincinnati also weighed in..."Amber needs some serious help. And, until she gets it, she shouldn't be allowed to be around Leah."

Do Tell: Can Portwood be helped? Her violence is directed at Gary Shirley, but do you think she'll ever turn on Leah?


  • sergio1 4 years ago

    It's unfortunate that an angry teen is raising a child. Now she will be passing on her own issues to her child. Hopefully her child will get some help and support from elsewhere and that this experience makes the child stronger. Everything happens for a reason but it still makes me sad.

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