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Teen Mom Amber Portwood gets huge torso tattoo of her daughter

Amber Portwood gets a full torso tattoo of daugther
Amber Portwood gets a full torso tattoo of daugther

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood never ever wants to lose her daughter again and now, at least in one way...she won't.

In an interesting show of renewed commitment to her precious two-year-old daughter Leah, the Portwood is sporting a full-torso tattoo, on the left side of her stomach, that is a portrait of her little girl's face, surrounded by roses.

Will she regret it down the road? (Join the "What was I thinking discussion!)

According to RadarOnline, the new ink job appears to be unfinished as parts of the tattoo are still uncolored outlines.

A source close to Portwood explained, "she got the tattoo as a way to show her commitment to Leah -- and so far it's her first and only tattoo.

Hhhmmmm...did anyone explain to her that years from now, such a huge tattoo in the location it is could end up looking like a wrinkly old lady or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (depending on her dietary preferences.)

Portwood no stranger to controversy

The often controversial Portwood has come under fire since being charged for felony domestic violence when she assaulted Leah's father, Gary Shirley, during an episode of the hit MTV reality show.

Due to the fact that the assault aired on national television and the resulting number of phone calls from outraged viewers received, the Department of Child Protective Services was forced to get involved. The agency placed little Leah with her father for a short time, until Amber could not only clean up her act but her home as well.

Unfortunately, her bad temper is proving a tougher thing to "clean up." She recently hit Shirley yet again - though this time, not in front of cameras - after a fight ensued that involved Shirley's new girlfriend, Ashley.


Portwood is dipping back into the dating pool since her split from Shirley, though she seems to getting in a little over her head. Apparently, she's spending a lot of time with Clinton Yunker - a real prize who has two kids of his own and a rather lengthy criminal record.

"Okay," said Linda K of Cincinnati. "Is she a complete idiot? Does she want to keep her daughter in her life? If so, then what is she doing getting involved with someone with a lengthy criminal record? Perhaps a BETTER way to show her commitment to her daughter is to be a RESPONSIBLE mother!"

Do tell: What do you think of Amber's tattoo? Do you have a tattoo that you got in your younger years that you now regret?

Source: RadarOnline


  • Profile picture of Joann Scheffler
    Joann Scheffler 4 years ago

    That ink job will not be a pretty site in 40 years! Yikes way too big, but its her belly. Wonder what her daughter will think of this a few years down the road?
    Joann Scheffler Cincinnati Pop Culture Examiner

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