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'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood admits to past sex addiction

'Teen Mom' star Amber Portwood shares a post-prison selfie.
'Teen Mom' star Amber Portwood shares a post-prison selfie.
Amber Portwood/Twitter

Amber Portwood definitely told all in her new tell-all. In addition to opening up about her addiction to drugs and suicide attempt, the "Teen Mom" star admitted to being addicted to sex.

After losing custody of her daughter Leah, 5, Portwood engaged in a wild lifestyle, filled with drugs and sex. And she did it all in excess.

“I was doing whatever I wanted, and I didn’t do anything in moderation," Portwood revealed in the book, according to a Sept. 2 report by Radar Online. "It was always extreme when it came to partying and sex. When it really got down to it, my life at that time was nothing but pills and men… Looking back I think it’s obvious I had a bad sex addiction along with the pill addiction.”

Prior to entering prison in June 2013, Portwood was in a bad place and filling her life with all the wrong things. These days, Portwood is sober and focused on her daughter and getting a college education.

After seeing Portwood spiral out of control on "Teen Mom," many fans lost hope in her, but she's since proved everyone wrong. In Nov. 2013, she was granted an early release from jail and shortly after, she enrolled in college in hopes of having a successful career.

Although Portwood has put her addiction behind her, she admitted in a recent interview with Radar Online that she still struggles with her disease.

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