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‘Teen Mom 3’ star Matt McCann saves his girlfriend’s life

'Teen Mom 3' star Matt McCann saves his girlfriends life.

Teen Mom 3” star Matt McCann and his girlfriend, LeKota Koch, had a very scary experience recently, Wet Paint reported on April 25.

Matt, who is the father of Alex Sekella’s daughter, Arabella, and Lekota were on an Easter hike when things took a turn for the worse.

LeKota tried to cross a stream and fell into the water, nearly drowning. “On both sides were these two cement slabs we could use to jump across. I decided to go first and, when I jumped, I slipped and hit the other cement slab and went into the water. The current was very fast and it was all pouring into basically a sinkhole. That’s when Matt jumped in and grabbed me. I remember getting to the car and that is when I blacked out for about 12 hours,” Koch said.

Wow. Thankfully, Matt McCann was there to pull LeKota to safety. It seems Matt’s come a long way since his days on “Teen Mom 3,” where he battled heroin addiction, and is now clean and sober.

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