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'Teen Mom 3' star Katie Yeager debuts stomach tattoo

'Teen Mom 3' star Katie Yeager's stomach tattoo.
'Teen Mom 3' star Katie Yeager's stomach tattoo.
Katie Yeager/Twitter

"Teen Mom 3" star Katie Yeager had an exciting weekend.

On Saturday night, March 15, Katie took to Twitter where she posted a photo of her view of her belly which was being tattooed. Moments later, she wrote, "Get a tattoo across your belly button, they said. It'll be fun, they said."

Although the process was surely painful, Katie appeared to be quite happy with the work once it was finished.

Three hours later, she posted a photo of the completed project which features a little girl and cluster of colorful fireworks.

For Katie, this isn't the first time she's gone under the needle in the name of body art. In fact, she has a few tattoos, and is likely to get more, as she's expressed interest in doing so on Twitter.

Sadly, Katie Yeager and the cast of "Teen Mom 3" won't be returning to MTV for a second season. Although the cast surely dealt with their fair share of drama during their first season, it wasn't enough to keep viewers interested and the network announced that they wouldn't be moving forward with the series last year.

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