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'Teen Mom 3' star gives birth to daughter

Former 'Teen Mom 3' star gives birth to daughter

Teen Mom 3” may have been canceled, but there have been plenty of developments for the cast. Particularly, Mackenzie Douthit-McKee just gave birth to her baby girl, according to a Feb. 7 report.

Mackenzie Douthit-McKee gave birth to her daughter on the afternoon of February 7 via a scheduled c-section. The former “Teen Mom 3” star was 37 weeks pregnant when she went in to the hospital to give birth to her daughter.

She revealed to her fans last year that she was having a girl, but neither Mackenzie nor her husband, Josh McKee, revealed the name of their daughter. After giving birth, Mackenzie Douthit-McKee revealed that her new daughter has been named Jaxie Taylor. The name may sound slightly different, but it has real meaning to Mackenzie. The little girl is named after her grandfather, Jack, and her middle name is the same as her mom’s.

Doctors were against Mackenzie Douthit-McKee getting pregnant again (she already has a son named Gannon who was shown on “Teen Mom 3”) and the entire pregnancy was rough for the former reality star. However, the delivery went well and Mackenzie, who suffers from Type I Diabetes, and she says her blood sugar was “fine” during delivery. Mackenzie revealed in the past that she could potential go into a coma during delivery if her blood sugar dropped too low, but thankfully that did not happen.

Although being a young parent is hard, Mackenzie Douthit-McKee credits he daughter for saving her marriage saying, “Jaxie saved my marriage with Josh and kept our love alive.”

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