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'Teen Mom 2': 'You Got Me' recap

Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Tonight, Feb. 18, Teen Mom 2 opened with Kailyn tasting wedding cakes with her maid of honor. She met Javi for dinner later and told him they decided on pumpkin-flavored cake, and Javi presented her with the keys to their new house. He wanted to move the big things right away. Kailyn said her lawyer told her they would have mediation with Jo the following week.

Leah talked to Jeremy about the property she found online and filled him in about the girls and her friend Kayla’s upcoming move to Las Vegas. Leah admitted she felt like a single mom and wished Jeremy worked closer to home, and he said he had been feeling dizzy and getting a lot of headaches, but he had to keep working.

Jenelle picked Jace up and took him to his swim lessons while her mom worked. Afterward, Jace didn’t want to go home, so Jenelle called her mom and asked if Jace could sleep over. She said no, since Jace had been sick and up since 3:00 a.m. Barbara offered to drop Jace off at Jenelle’s house the next day instead. Jenelle went home to Nathan, and he said Barbara needed to start letting Jenelle be a mother to Jace. (Oh, now she wants to be a mother?) They talked about being parents and made the decision they wanted to try and have a baby. (What?)

Chelsea told Megan she wanted to do something spontaneous and leave the state for her birthday, so she suggested they go to California. Megan was on board, and Chelsea went ahead and booked the trip. Chelsea’s dad came by to pick Aubree up and slyly slipped Chelsea some money before she and Megan hit the road.

Javi’s family helped Kailyn move, and they met Javi at the house. Kailyn worried about losing the mediation and having to move right back.

Kayla came over, and Leah continued to have a hard time saying good-bye. Kayla hoped Leah would be able to keep it together with everything going on with Ali, and they talked about Corey and Jeremy and medical bills.

Isaac wasn’t so sure he liked his new room or the name Kailyn made for him and hung on the wall, but he warmed up eventually. Kailyn continued to worry about the mediation and whether or not they would be able to stay in the house.

Jenelle and Nathan went out for ice cream with Barbara and Jace and told Barbara they were trying to have a baby. Nathan said he was going to be with Jenelle for the rest of his life, and Barbara said it felt like a rush decision – she said it was a nice thought, but they were moving fast.

Chelsea and Megan arrived in Los Angeles and planned to be as touristy as possible. They bought t-shirts and rented rollerblades. As they went to go for a drink, Chelsea called her dad, but Aubree wasn’t really interested in talking to her.

Corey went to see his dad, and they talked about Ali’s condition. He said that to him, Ali would be able to walk to him until the day she actually couldn’t work anymore, and they both teared up talking about the wheelchair.

Kailyn went to her maid of honor’s house and discussed the new house and wedding plans. She again said they weren’t telling Jo about the move and hoped for the best from mediation – otherwise, Javi would have to live apart from her and his baby.

Jenelle went out to eat with her friend Tori and told her that she and Nathan were ready to have a child together. Tori wondered what Barbara had to say, and Jenelle said she didn’t freak out, but she said she wasn’t going to help as much with this baby as she had with Jace. Jenelle felt that after two months, she and Nathan were ready, but Tori made some good points about Jenelle’s upcoming court date and warned her to think about things a little more.

Adam went out with his friends the night before Taylor’s due date. They asked him how Aubree felt, and Adam explained she knew about the baby, but he didn’t know if Chelsea would let Adam have Aubree once the baby was born. Adam wanted to go to court to get something in writing with visitation. He also said he was ready to clean up his act and be a better father this time around.

Leah took Aleeah to get her nails done to make up for being gone for Ali’s doctor appointment. She told the nail tech about Ali’s condition and Kayla moving away. Later on, Leah had to say a tearful good-bye to Kayla.

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