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'Teen Mom 2': 'Working Overtime' recap

Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Tonight, Feb. 11, "Teen Mom 2" started out with Jenelle, Jace, and Barbara out to eat. Jenelle told her mom she planned to move in with Nathan – the couple decided to buy a new place and was able to find a house with an extra room for Jace. As they were moving in, Nathan stepped in dog poop and became very focused on cleaning it up, while Jenelle worked on emptying the moving van on her own.

Kailyn and Javi continued to look for houses near the base, in case the judge allowed Kailyn to move to Delaware. Kailyn and Isaac went to see the house Javi found online, and Isaac was very excited about the backyard. (They weren’t able to look inside).

Chelsea and Megan had their moms come in to school to do their makeup for a test. Afterward, the group went to lunch, and Chelsea texted Adam’s mom to let her know she could take Aubree overnight. Chelsea got snotty and threatened to leave if her mom continued to ask questions about Adam.

Leah was home alone for the weekend, while Jeremy worked out of town, and the girls stayed with Corey. Her mom stopped over as she fed Addie, and they discussed the changes they would need to make for Ali.

Adam went out to eat with his very pregnant girlfriend, and they talked about his recent visit to Aubree’s school. Taylor even wanted to be included in future conferences for Aubree, but Adam said maybe after Chelsea would group up. Adam said he was excited to be a dad again and wanted both of them to remain in the baby’s life.

Corey talked to his new wife, Miranda, about Ali’s doctor appointment and filled her in on what she missed. He didn’t see any reason why Ali wouldn’t be able to play softball when she got older, and they just needed to move on and deal with it. (He still seemed to be in denial of the diagnosis).

Kailyn went out to eat with a friend and talked about wanting a big wedding ceremony, the new house, and what to do if she wasn’t allowed to move.

Chelsea got Aubree ready for her first day of preschool and dropped her off. She took a picture of Aubree and sent it to Adam, so he asked to go along with to pick her up. Aubree showed Adam around, and Chelsea scolded Adam for saying he would see Aubree later.

Barbara took Jace to see Jenelle’s new house and was quickly impressed. They returned again another day when Nathan was home so that everyone could spend time together. Barbara felt comfortable allowing Jace to spend the night there, knowing that Jenelle was clean and sober, and they had a nice room for Jace.

Leah called Jeremy and told him she didn’t feel like their home was handicapped accessible, so she wanted to start looking at houses. Her step-dad stopped over, and she showed him a house she found that was close to Jeremy’s parents, but it was 40 minutes away from hers. Leah went to pick the girls up from Corey and told him about the plan to move. He wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but Leah reminded him she wanted to make things better for Ali. Corey was convinced nothing was wrong with Ali, and he didn’t want to keep having her poked and prodded.

Javi returned home and told Kailyn he got things moving with the realtor. Kailyn said if they got the house, she would just move in with Javi and just drive Isaac back so that he was on time for his visits with Jo.

Chelsea went to her mom’s house and hung out for a bit, since it was her birthday. She told her about Adam going along to pick Aubree up, which her mom thought was nice.

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