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'Teen Mom 2': 'What You See is Not What You Get' recap

Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Tonight, April 8, “Teen Mom 2” started out with Kailyn and Javi painting their new house. They argued over Javi’s painting skills, and Kailyn stressed out over last-minute details with the baby due the following week.

Chelsea and Adam were able to settle their custody arrangement outside of court, and Adam brought his new baby to Aubree’s school recital. The next day, Chelsea and Megan recapped the night, and Chelsea said she wasn’t attracted to Adam anymore. Meanwhile, Adam filled his girlfriend, Taylor, in on the events from the recital, and Adam commented on how all Chelsea said when Aubree showed her the baby was, “Nice.”

Jeremy finally returned home, but he stormed out of the house after seeing texts between Leah and Corey that he didn’t like. After he came back inside, Leah explained their conversations always stemmed from the girls. Jeremy felt Corey would divorce his current wife to be with Leah, but Leah reassured Jeremy that she knew where they stood and loved him and the girls. She added that she wanted them to go to counseling, and Jeremy finally agreed, saying he didn’t want to lose his family.

Jenelle was nearly two months pregnant, and she and Nathan took Jace to karate class for him to learn to be more disciplined. The three of them stopped back at Barbara’s afterward, and Jenelle and Nathan talked to her about their relationship. Barbara suggested they do something productive, instead of lying around and playing video games all day. Nathan assured her that he had things planned and commented that his money is Jenelle’s money. That set Barbara off, and Nathan left before they could get into an argument.

Kailyn went into labor and had a baby boy, who they named Lincoln. Javi picked Isaac up and brought him back to the hospital. He was excited to meet his new little brother, but he commented that Lincoln’s hair was “disgusting.”

Leah and Corey talked about their current situations – Leah said they would always be connected, but Jeremy had no reason to be jealous. Leah, Jeremy, and Corey watched the girls at gymnastics class, where Aleeah struggled to stay focused. When they left, Jeremy continued to discuss his feelings about Corey texting Leah as soon as he was out of the state.

Chelsea started her new job and talked to her boss about the upcoming certification test she would need to take. Her boss assured her it wouldn’t be a problem, as long as she followed the study guide.

Nathan was arrested for his third DUI, but Jenelle was able to bail him out of jail. Over lunch, she told him she was pregnant by him, so she was committed to him.

Kailyn was released from the hospital and happy to go home. She had previously agreed for her mom to come and stay with them for a while, but after she blew Kailyn’s phone up with crazy calls and texts while she was in labor, Kailyn decided against it when she realized she was drinking again. Kailyn told Javi she just wanted to move forward being the best mom she could be.

Chelsea told her friend Chelsey that Aubree told her Adam wasn’t around that long while Aubree spent the weekend at his parents’ house. Chelsea also mentioned she tried to send Adam a picture of Aubree, but it didn’t go through, and the number was disconnected when she called. The two got into an argument via Facebook messages, and Adam refused to give Chelsea the new number.

Jenelle went to talk to Barbara about Nathan’s arrest – she explained he didn’t take a Breathalyzer and was paying for the charges with his own money. Jenelle told Barbara if Nathan got in trouble, that was on him, and she wouldn’t bail him out. (Yet she just did?)

Leah and Jeremy were getting along better since he was home more. Jeremy tried to explain that his job made him feel good because he had worked up to the point he was at. Leah felt his job was more important to him than their family, but he told her he would be miserable at an office job. They agreed they would see how therapy would go.

Kailyn’s friend Peach brought pizza over, and they talked about the new baby, Isaac’s reaction, and her mom.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Teen Mom 2?” Will you tune into the season finale this Sunday on MTV? Don’t miss it at 7 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Central! Leave a comment below!

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