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'Teen Mom 2': 'When Everything Seems Wrong' recap

Kailyn Lowry, one of the stars of 'Teen Mom 2'
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Tonight, July 23, “Teen Mom 2” started out at Leah’s house. Her grandma came over to watch the girls so Leah could go to work. They talked about Leah’s future and what she wanted to do. Since Ali had been complaining about leg pain, Leah kept her home from school. Leah was nervous when Ali still felt that way after she got home from work.

Kailyn and Javi talked about their recent fight. Javi told Kailyn he was going to be gone for four weeks. Kailyn felt uneasy about being alone with the kids for all that time. She went to lunch with friends and told them she thought Javi leaving might be good for them.

Chelsea called her dad to tell him she couldn’t do any work without her license. She wasn’t happy, but all she could do was wait for her license. Chelsea went to dinner with her friend Chelsey and told her she wanted her to move into her new house with her and Aubree.

Jenelle got books for school and went over to visit with her mom. She told Barbara the charges against her were being dropped, but Nathan had to plead guilty to his charges and go to jail for 30 days. Barbara was concerned about Nathan’s violent streak and drinking, but Jenelle said they had gotten better.

Back at their house, the lawyer called to talk to Nathan. She explained what the process would be and warned Nathan not to drive. The lawyer also said he should be prepared to serve the full 30 days in jail. Nathan was disappointed he would miss time with Jenelle while she was pregnant.

Kailyn called Jo to tell him she didn’t want to fight with him and Vee anymore. She also invited them to Isaac’s birthday party, so Jo said he would talk to Vee. Over at Jo’s apartment, he asked Vee about what Kailyn said to him on the phone. Neither of them were very excited about Kailyn’s offer and weren’t sure they wanted to attend the party.

Leah dropped the girls off with Corey, who told her he got a weird letter from the insurance company. He read the letter, which said the medical necessity hadn’t been established. Leah told him he needed to call the insurance company and stay on them, or else it would cost them $20,000 for Ali’s wheelchair.

Chelsea’s dad helped her and Chelsey move into their new house. Chelsea received a letter about her license and called her dad – the letter was asking more questions, accusing her of working prior to receiving her license, even though that wasn’t true.

Nathan was out drinking all day, so Jenelle was concerned. They got home, and she asked Nathan if he felt he had a drinking problem. They talked about how he would always drink too much, and Jenelle commented he even drinks in the middle of the day. Nathan got defensive and went into the bedroom, slamming the door. The next day, they calmly talked about their fight.

Jo and Vee didn’t show up for Isaac’s birthday party. Isaac fell asleep and wasn’t very interested in opening presents afterward, but Kailyn and Javi tried to help him along. Kailyn was frustrated Isaac was being ungrateful.

Leah took Adalynn to see her cousin and talked to her about how everything was going with Ali. Leah worried about not getting the money for Ali’s wheelchair and her own health.

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