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'Teen Mom 2': 'These Are the Days' recap

Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Tonight, March 4, “Teen Mom 2” opened with Kailyn back in Pennsylvania to work on wedding planning. She felt frustrated at how hard it was to get all seven of her bridesmaids together to plan.

Chelsea talked to her friend Chelsey about Adam stopping by for Aubree’s birthday as Aubree asked about words that rhyme. Chelsea worried about Adam’s parents picking Aubree up the next day, since she never felt comfortable with them watching her and figured Aubree would meet Adam’s new baby.

Leah called Corey after Ali’s assessment test to tell him how everything went. The two agreed to sit down and talk about everything to help him understand it all.

Jenelle talked to Tori about her court date the following day and told her what her lawyer would try and fight for. Tori wondered if Jenelle was done getting into trouble, and Jenelle said she never goes out anymore. They talked about her ex, Courtland, and what Courtland might do to Jenelle if he got out of jail. Both worried he would try to “kidnap” Jenelle.

While Chelsea and Megan were at school, Aubree held her new sister, Paislee, at Adam and Taylor’s apartment. Aubree ended up spending the night at Adam’s, which Chelsea only found out because she saw pictures of them posted on Facebook. (Aubree was supposed to stay with Adam’s parents). As Chelsea waited for Aubree to come home the next day, she watched her niece and talked to Megan about the situation. Aubree got home and was pretty quiet – Chelsea and Megan were surprised she didn’t say anything about the baby. Megan assured Chelsea Aubree would talk to her when she was ready.

As Jenelle got ready for court, Nathan helped her fix her pants, and she told him she liked wearing heels to court because they made her feel “more classier.” Then, the two headed off to the court hearing. The case ended up being continued, so Jenelle met with her lawyer. He told her he believed they would enter in a plea to one of the drug charges, and everything else would be dismissed. He also reminded Jenelle to stay away from the negative people and work on being a better person and mother.

Kailyn went to try out hairstyles with her bridesmaids, but Javi’s sister and cousin weren’t able to make it. She continued to complain about them and how they wouldn’t spend any money on the wedding.

Leah and Jeremy went to Corey and Miranda’s house to talk about Ali’s assessment. Leah explained that they wanted her to start school in a week, but Aleeah wouldn’t be starting until after her birthday. Corey felt it was hard to believe, but Leah thought it would be good for the twins to be separated. Corey also didn’t think he would ever accept everything because that’s how he is. At home, Leah got back to the school to tell them Ali would definitely be enrolling early and got going on the necessary paperwork.

Kailyn was still in Pennsylvania trying to get wedding planning done. She felt like she did things the right way this time in getting married before having a baby, but she didn’t feel as connected to this baby as she had to Isaac.

Jenelle played with Jace and told her mom how court went. She told Barbara that Courtland might be getting out before going on to tell her she and Nathan were still trying to have a baby. Barbara was worried it was too soon and again commented they hadn’t known each other all that long.

Chelsea and Aubree went to see Chelsea’s dad, and Chelsea filled him in on the Adam drama. She felt Adam and his family were messing things up, so her dad tried to comfort her and make her feel better.

Corey and Miranda went to Leah and Jeremy’s house this time to talk about Ali’s schooling. Leah told them there were 10 kids in the class, and she worried that she wouldn’t be there to help her first if anything happened. They all agreed once again they thought it would do the twins good to be apart.

Javi read a text message from his sister and cousin complaining about the price of the earrings and being in the wedding in general to Kailyn and her friend. Kailyn was upset and in tears, but Javi didn’t want to be the middleman going between everyone. Kailyn went on a tearful tangent, ranting about how his family didn’t contribute or go to anything bridesmaid-related.

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