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'Teen Mom 2': 'That's the Way Love Goes' recap

Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

The “Teen Mom 2” season finale tonight, April 13, began with another Jenelle arrest – she and Nathan were arguing about money, and Jenelle was arrested for disturbing the peace. Jace even saw the entire thing and was upset about it. The next day, Jenelle and Nathan discussed the situation, and she said she thought they needed counseling. He agreed.

Javi left for work, and Kailyn struggled with both Isaac and Lincoln, the new baby. She noticed Isaac was acting out while she took care of the new baby. When Javi got home, Kailyn told him they were not having any more children as they ate tacos for dinner. Jo and his girlfriend, Vee, talked about everything going on and the fact the two of them were living together, without Kailyn knowing.

While Aubree was over at Adam’s parents’ house for her weekend visitation, Chelsea and her friend Chelsey left to get to her Cosmetology test. Since it was four hours away, they spent the night. Meanwhile, Adam and Taylor took Aubree and Paislee, the baby, bowling.

Leah and Jeremy had a free night without the girls, so they went out to dinner. They talked about the girls, and Leah felt Aleeah was acting out after seeing how much attention Ali was getting. When they got the girls back, Leah talked to her sister as she got ready for Ali’s doctor appointment in Ohio the next day. She commented that she noticed Ali having a hard time breathing when she was sleeping on the couch and planned to have the doctor check it out.

Jenelle and Nathan still weren’t getting along, so she went home to talk to her mom. She told Barbara about what really happened and how she lied about Nathan getting violent with her. Barbara was frustrated that Jenelle got involved with another loser, and she said it was making her sick. Jenelle assured her they were going to go to counseling – it was too late for her to get an abortion, and she didn’t want one.

Chelsea and Chelsey arrived at the hotel, and Chelsea called to talk to Aubree. After she hung up, Chelsey started quizzing Chelsea for her test the next day. In the morning, they headed off to Chelsea’s Cosmetology test, and Chelsea completely freaked out. After the test, she was sure she failed and called her dad to tell him she didn’t feel confident.

Jo called Kailyn to check in and let her know he got a new two-bedroom place not far from where he was living. He told Kailyn his parents had separated, and she explained Javi would be dropping Isaac off. Jo said that was fine, but he wanted things to be fair with Vee as well. Kailyn continued to struggle with the amount of breast feeding she needed to do and the time she wasn’t spending with Isaac. She worried how he would react to Jo’s new apartment and the fact that Jo’s dad had moved out of his parents’ house.

Jenelle and Nathan discussed their problems, Nathan needing a lawyer, and Nathan not wanting the new baby to see fighting the way Jace does. Jenelle’s lawyer, Dustin, found Jenelle and Nathan new lawyers in South Carolina. The couple met with them to discuss the charges. They warned Jenelle how serious things were and explained if they revoked her probation, she could end up giving birth in jail.

Leah, her mom, Jeremy, and Ali headed off to see Ali’s doctor. Corey and Miranda met them there. Leah and Corey took Ali in to see the doctor, and he said Ali has muscular dystrophy with a Titin gene mutation. He explained that it could affect her heart and breathing later on and also said there are less than 20 cases of this in the world. While Leah’s mom watched Ali, Leah, Jeremy, Corey, and Miranda went out to dinner to continue discussing what the doctor told them.

Chelsea picked Aubree up from day care and took her home. She questioned her about her time with Adam while she painted her toenails, and Aubree said she had fun, but she wanted to be with Chelsea.

Javi dropped Isaac off with Jo, and Jo showed him his empty old room and explained to him he would have a new room. Isaac didn’t take the news well and started crying and asking where his bed was. He cheered up once he saw the new apartment and Vee.

Things did not improve between Jenelle and Nathan, and they got into another bad argument. He still went with her to her doctor appointment, but he was distant and barely talked to her in the car. Finally, Nathan said they would probably end up breaking up, and Jenelle asked if he wanted her to get an abortion. She said it was too late and explained the just heard the heartbeat before hysterically crying and sobbing. She pulled the car over and told Nathan to get out, but not until after he called her a baby and annoying.

Adam got into a bad car accident and had to be pulled from the car before it burst into flames. Chelsea told her friend Chelsey the story of what happened over dinner – Adam was driving without a license or car insurance and hit an elderly couple. He was in the hospital with a concussion, but he was expected to be okay.

Kailyn and Javi sat and talked about Isaac starting to call Javi “Dad” sometimes. She didn’t mind, but she worried how Jo would react. She added that she always calls Javi by his name to Isaac, but she can’t stop him from calling him “Dad.” However, she would be upset if Isaac starting calling Jo’s girlfriend, Vee, “Mom.”

Nathan got back in the car and told her he wanted to be with her and wanted to have the baby. Jenelle kept crying as he hugged her and told him she just wanted him to love her. He told her he did.

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