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'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert wants another baby, despite marriage issues

'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert breaks down during the trailer for season 5B.
'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert breaks down during the trailer for season 5B.
Screenshot via MTV

Leah Calvert and her husband Jeremy haven't been doing well for a while now -- at least on episodes of "Teen Mom 2."

Throughout season five, fans watched as Jeremy slapped Leah in the face with a piece of bacon and constantly swept her feelings about her work schedule under the rug. Then, on season 5B, fans saw Leah and Jeremy at each other's throats once again. In the trailer for "Teen Mom 2" season 5B, Leah is seen crying to Jeremy, claiming that he controls her whole life.

But despite all of that, Leah appears to be loving her family life and recently revealed plans for more kids with Jeremy.

"Going back to where there is no service and memories shares with my babies!" Leah told fans earlier this week. "There's nothing like my time with them."

Then, in response to a July 17 fan question online about having three daughters, Calvert wrote, "I love having my girls. Their fun and when [Jeremy] is gone it's all #GirlTime hehe but we hope to have a boy."

From the looks of what's going on on the show (which was shot just weeks ago), Leah and Jeremy need to focus on their marriage -- not on having more kids. Whether they would admit it or not, there appears to be serious problems in their marriage that keep popping up. While they often say their marriage is okay, fans are still seeing that it is not, so before they reproduce any more, they should get to the bottom of their issues and fix them once and for all!

To see more of Leah and Jeremy Calvert, tune into season 5B of "Teen Mom 2," which airs on MTV on Wednesdays at 10 p.m.

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