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'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert talks about Ali's rare, incurable disease

In the season premiere of "Teen Mom 2" season 5 Leah talks about Ali's rare, incurable form of MS.
Jeff Simms/ Twitter

Last night's season premier of "Teen Mom 2" season 5 was full of revelations from when fans last saw the cast. One of the biggest, and most heart breaking stories was little Ali's as her mom, Leah, shares what the official diagnosis of her developmental condition is. On Jan. 22 Reality Tea shares the information.

As fans of the show know, Leah and Corey have been very proactive at Ali's health and trying to get a definitive answer to what their little girl suffers from. Finally, after seeing several doctors, Leah and Corey have found out that Ali suffers from a rare and incurable form of MS. It attacks her respiratory system, and while she can walk now, the older she gets and the more weight she gains as she grows, the less likely that is going to be. She will likely be bound to a wheel chair for most of her life since her muscles won't be able to support her.

In last night's episode, Leah says that she will always take care of her and do what she can to ensure that she's as healthy and happy as possible, her and Jeremy are planning on selling their dream home to get one that is more handicap accessible so that Ali will be able to get around in a wheelchair when that time comes.

Leah also says that having a diagnosis for Ali has also brought her and Corey closer together because they are united for Ali, even the step-parents of Ali are on board to do what they can for her. Both Jeremy and Miranda (Ali's step-parents) are also fully supportive of helping Ali in any way.

Do you have any advice for Leah and Corey about Ali's rare form of MS? Share in the comments below.

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