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'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert accused of lying about her finances

'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert poses with her husband, Jeremy.
'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert poses with her husband, Jeremy.
Leah Calvert/Instagram

Leah Calvert and her husband, Jeremy, aren't doing so good.

After just over two years of marriage, the "Teen Mom 2" couple continue to feud about everything from Jeremy's work schedule to Leah's needs, and in the upcoming episode of the hit MTV reality show, fans will see the pair arguing over their finances.

“I haven’t lied to you,” Leah insists to Jeremy after he accuses her of lying about what she's been spending.

“Bulls**t,” Jeremy replies, according to an Aug. 4 report by MTV. “I’m worried about paying bills, not f**king buying some stupid a** makeup.”

Prior to filming the scene, Leah had reportedly paid $2,000 to join Mary Kay Cosmetics as a makeup consultant, and while her goal in doing so was to make money for herself and her family, Jeremy wasn't sold on the idea being a good thing.

“I’m buying stuff for my job, and our bills are paid,” Leah explains.

“How ’bout lets pay s**t off that we say we’re gonna pay off for a year now, and we have yet to do it,” Jeremy says.

Despite all of their on-screen drama, Leah and Jeremy aren't getting a divorce -- at least that's what Leah claims.

"Divorce is not an option for us,” Leah told In Touch Weekly last month. “I truly believe that Jeremy is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and my girls, and I really think we can overcome anything. We’ve had problems, but Jeremy and I promise each other every day that we’re never going to give up. In the end, I feel like that’s what marriage is all about.”

Also in her interview with In Touch Weekly, Leah revealed that she and Jeremy recently began seeking counseling, which has been a huge help for their communication with one another.

"Teen Mom 2" season 5B airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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