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'Teen Mom 2' star Kail Lowry hangs with Jo Rivera and girlfriend Vee

'Teen Mom 2' star Kail Lowry takes a selfie.
'Teen Mom 2' star Kail Lowry takes a selfie.
Kail Lowry/Twitter

Kail Lowry and Jo Rivera just took a huge step to civility in their relationship. After years of bickering and drama, the former couple of Teen Mom 2 has finally taken a step to making an amends, and becoming better co-parents to Isaac.

Over the weekend, Kail made the shocking revelation on Twitter.

“[I] had so much fun hanging out with Javi, Jo and Vee! Isaac is gona love this!” she wrote on Feb. 21.

Since she and Jo are at odds with no reconciliation in site on the currently airing episodes of Teen Mom 2, hearing that they hung out was hard to believe. Clearly, these two have come further than anyone anticipated they would in such a short period of time — and that’s a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, not everyone liked the fact that she shared the private details online. On fan told her, “When you stop tweeting about it every time THEN it will be a good action. You are just trying to make yourself look good.”

In response, Kail wrote, “You sound ignorant.”

Regardless of whether she’s doing it for publicity or not, the fact of the matter is that this is what is best for Isaac — and he’s what really matters, not the opinions of fans.

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