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'Teen Mom 2' star Adam Lind shows off his muscles at the gym

'Teen Mom 2' star Adam Lind shows off his muscles at the gym.
'Teen Mom 2' star Adam Lind shows off his muscles at the gym.
Adam Lind/Instagram

Adam Lind is getting in shape -- and darn proud of it.

In a new photo, the "Teen Mom 2" star is showing off his muscles while at the gym, and from the looks of things, he's really been hitting the gym hard.

"Time for the sauna!" Lind wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, May 7, along with a photo of him in nothing but a pair of tight shorts.

In recent weeks, speculation has grown over Lind's relationship with Taylor Halbur, the mother of his second daughter, Paislee Mae Lind. While the pair were said to have split several weeks ago, they now appear to be very much on -- at least according to Lind's Instagram feed.

While Lind used to be quite private, limiting his social media presence to a private Facebook page, he has recently gone public with an Instagram account, and on it are several photos of him, his daughter, and Halbur. In one photo posted four days ago, which was captioned, "family," Lind and Halbur were seen with their daughter.

Halbur, on the other hand, has been less public with their alleged reconciliation. In fact, she appears to be leading fans to believe that they aren't together, sharing mainly photos of herself and her daughter -- not of her and Lind. In one photo of herself and Paislee, Halbur wrote, "Her love is the only love I need."

Because of the nature of their relationship, Halbur may be choosing to keep things private because of the backlash she might receive for taking back Lind yet again. Despite his having reportedly cheated on her several times, once reportedly with his first child's mother, Chelsea Houska, while Halbur was pregnant, Halbur continues to take him back time after time and many fans have reacted badly.

No one knows what is really going on behind closed doors, but from the outside looking in, it appears as though Lind can do no wrong when it comes to Halbur, who continuously takes him back no matter what he may do. Hopefully, that isn't the case.

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