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'Teen Mom 2' spoilers: Jeremy Calvert refuses to do marriage counseling

In next week's episode, fans will see Leah and Jeremy finally addressing their relationship issues.
Leah Calvert/ Twitter

On March 12 Wetpaint shares a sneak peek of next week's episode of "Teen Mom 2" and it looks as if Leah and Jeremy Calvert are finally going to be addressing some of their relationship problems. While the couple look like they stand united on many fronts and put on good show, everything isn't all rainbows and roses for the couple.

Leah is stressed out over Jeremy's always busy work schedule that takes him away from home and the fact that he's not a very good communicator and bottles things up until he physically feels ill. Leah wants to go to counseling to strengthen their marriage and learn to communicate better with Jeremy and get him to realize how important it is to her.

Jeremy doesn't think that he needs to go see "Billy Bob" in Charleston to tell him how to talk to his wife and to find a job closer to home. Ultimately, this is what ended Corey and Leah's relationship, the fact that Corey wouldn't do counseling with her to learn to stand united on anything. Could this end up breaking up her second marriage as well?

Leah tries to comfort Jeremy by telling him that she isn't suggesting marriage counseling because she thinks their relationship is bad, but just that it could be even better. Then she tells him that she doesn't think he wants to do it because he would feel like less of a man if he did.

Do you think that Leah and Jeremy could benefit from marriage counseling? Do you think that Jeremy will give in to make his wife happy?

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