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'Teen Mom 2' season 5 spoilers: Leah and Corey argue over Ali's schooling

In tomorrow's episode of "Teen Mom 2" Leah and Corey argue over their special needs daughter attending school early.
Jeff Simms/ Twitter

On Feb. 10 MTV shared a sneak peak video of what is in store for tomorrow night's episode of "Teen Mom 2." In the video, Leah and Corey argue over schooling for their daughter, Ali, who has a rare form of congenital muscular dystrophy.

Corey is still in seeming disbelief at the doctor's prognosis of his daughter's condition and he's certain that she will be fine because "It's nothing." Leah is attempting to get Ali enrolled in school because she's suffered developmentally from the beginning and she will need extra help to meet skills of her peers and even her twin sister, Aleeah. Corey is insistent that she doesn't need to start school at three and can wait another year like her sister.

Medical professionals told Leah that she needs to get the paperwork ready to enroll her because of the extra help she'll need because of her developmental issues. Corey worries because Ali is already doing therapy and he doesn't think that she's going to need more help than that.

Federal law states that children with special needs qualify for early admission in preschool programs to best benefit their needs. Leah is trying to give Ali the best future that she possibly can while Corey is resistant because he doesn't want to believe that anything is wrong with is little girl. Many parents that have special needs children go through this. Corey tells Leah;

“I promise you, whenever [Ali] gets married, she will be walking down that aisle just like anyone else would.”

Do you think that Corey should dismiss Leah's concerns so lightly? Should Leah press on with enrolling Ali in school? Find out what happens in tomorrow's episode of "Teen Mom 2" on MTV at 10 PM.

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