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'Teen Mom 2': 'Revelations' recap

Tonight, Jan. 21, Teen Mom 2 premiered its fifth season on MTV and picked right back up on all four teen moms.

Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Jenelle ended her relationship with Kieffer, got counseling for her heroin addiction, and married a guy named Courtland. Things quickly went sour, and the two were arrested and thrown in jail when drugs and drug paraphernalia was discovered in Jenelle’s car. Jenelle decided the marriage was over and moved back in with her mom and Jace. A friend stopped over, and Jenelle talked to her about being clean. She also revealed that she went to the doctor for being sick, and they told her they couldn’t do a chest x-ray, because she was pregnant. She decided to get an abortion, which her mom was supportive of.

Leah and Jeremy had their first child together – Adalynn Faith. Corey had moved on and was getting married to Miranda that weekend, and they had all taken Ali back to the specialist and found out she had a rare form of muscular dystrophy that would likely get worse. Leah’s friend Kayla stopped over, and Leah filled her in on Ali’s condition. Leah felt blessed life happened the way it did.

Chelsea realized she didn’t want to go to beauty school anymore and stopped going. Adam recently got out of jail for his third DUI and was still dating his now pregnant girlfriend, Taylor. Chelsea sat down with her dad to tell him about her new plan for school and fill him in on Adam. She wondered how she would explain Adam’s new child to Aubree.

Javi finished his basic training and was stationed two hours away in Delaware, so he came home on the weekends. Kailyn wanted to move in with him, but she needed to get permission to move out of state with Isaac. Then, Kailyn headed off to her baby shower – she and Javi are expecting their first child together, and she is four months pregnant.

Chelsea and her friend Megan signed up for esthetician school, which started the following week. Aubree went to play with her toys, so Chelsea talked to Megan about her nervousness in Adam having another child.

Corey stopped by to pick up the girls for his upcoming wedding. He and Leah talked a bit about their past and both agreed they were happier now.

Kailyn dropped Isaac off at Jo’s, and he told her he was going to fight the petition she filed to relocate. Jo explained it was convenient for Kailyn and her family, but Jo wanted to be close to his son.

Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, agreed to take her to the clinic the next day to get the pill for her abortion. Barbara was supportive of the procedure, but she encouraged Jenelle to get on birth control afterward.

Corey and Miranda discussed their wedding and how happy they were as they spent time with the girls while Leah and Jeremy went out on a date. Leah was happy for Corey, and even though they could have worked harder, she was happy how everything turned out.

Adam and Chelsea met for the first time since Adam was released from jail. Chelsea wondered if Adam had talked to Aubree about the new baby coming. Adam was angry and rude right off the bat and claimed Chelsea was keeping Aubree from him. Chelsea wondered if he was being genuine or just wanted everyone to think he was a good dad. The two sat and argued before he just left the restaurant.

Kailyn and Javi went shopping for baby items – Javi thought they should get big items now, but Kailyn thought they should wait until after they found out if they were allowed to move. Kailyn didn’t feel well, so the couple left the store.

Barbara, Jenelle, and Jace spent the night in a hotel near the clinic. In the morning, Jace demonstrated his new habit of saying a particular four-letter word children shouldn’t say. Barbara was worried he would share his newfound words at day care.

Upset after her talk with Adam, Chelsea went to pick Megan up and vented her frustrations. They went to pick Aubree up at Chelsea’s mom’s house and filled her in on what happened with Adam.

Kailyn and her friend Peach went to paint pottery, and the two talked about her pregnancy – she explained that she took her birth control out when she and Javi got married, and they wanted to do things the right way and start a family. Kailyn also thought she was being fair and only moving three hours away from Jo, but Peach questioned what would happen if the judge didn’t allow Kailyn to relocate. (Kailyn would have to live alone with her children four days a week).

Jace continued to use his new vocabulary as Jenelle told her mother about the abortion pill process. Barbara wanted to put Jace in his room, and Jenelle tried to put soap in his mouth. (Neither worked). Jenelle and Barbara continued to argue, since Barbara was frustrated Jenelle hadn’t even thanked her for driving her to the clinic.

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