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'Teen Mom 2' reunion preview: Jenelle Evans's mom worried Nathan is a freeloader

Even before Jenelle Evans's boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith was sent to jail, her mom Barbara Evans already had a problem with him. As seen in a preview of part two of the "Teen Mom 2" reunion show, posted on OK! Magazine on Monday, April 21 and which airs Tuesday, April 22, on MTV, Barbara tells show host Dr. Drew that she is worried about Nathan being a freeloader.

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans / Twitter

When asked for her thoughts about Jenelle and Nathan having a baby together, Barbara first said that she actually likes Nathan. She admitted that she was quite impressed with Nathan when she first met him because he looked so respectable and not like a drug user.

However, Barbara later said that she has a problem with Nathan not having a job. She said that Jenelle is a generous person who has been used by men in the past. She also pointed out that Jenelle pays for most of her and Nathan's household bills.

When Nathan points out that being a good partner means more than just providing financial support, Barbara isn't having any of it. Using her own life as an example, she said that she never supported Mike, with whom she is actually no longer with, even though they were together for years. When he requested that he help pay for his credit card bills, she promptly denied the request.

Jenelle Evans actually had a very good Easter as she picked up Nathan Griffith after he was released from jail on Sunday, April 20. He landed in jail about a week and a half prior for driving on a suspended license. The "Teen Mom 2" star excitedly shared with her Instagram followers the photo collage, complete with post-it notes, that she made to welcome Nathan home. Once Nathan was home, Jenelle posted a photo of him standing in front of the collage.

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