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'Teen Mom 2' recap: Adam Lind gets daughter's birthday wrong

In the last episode of "Teen Mom 2" Adam gets his daughter's birthday wrong.
Chelsea Houska Facebook Fan Page

On Feb. 5 Wetpaint provides a "Teen Mom 2" recap of an awkward moment that Adam Lind is likely wishing made it to the cutting room floor, while talking to Chelsea Houska, his daughter's mother, he mistakes their daughter's birthday by three days!

After attending a school parent orientation for preschool that Aubree will be attending, Adam and Chelsea stood by his truck talking about their daughter's upcoming birthday. Chelsea made mention that she was holding a party on the 7th, to which Adam complained because it was "three days after her birthday." Chelsea's only response was, "Her birthday's on the 6th." Oops.

After the episode aired, Kailyn Lowry (or is it Marroquin now) tweeted;

"Did Adam really forget his daughter's birthday?"

Chelsea responded with, "Riiiight." and added that she knows that Adam knows when their daughter's birthday is so she has no idea why he thought or said that. Perhaps it has something to do with all the time he's spent in jail? Regardless of the reason, it has to be very embarrassing to mess up your daughter's birthday on cable television.

Did you watch Adam's big blunder? Have you ever forgotten your child's birthday?

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