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'Teen Mom 2': 'Overload' recap

Kailyn Lowry and husband, Javi
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Teen Mom 2” started out tonight’s episode, July 30, with Jenelle and Nathan going over to eat at a friend’s house. The main topic of conversation was Nathan’s upcoming jail time, and his friend lectured him on how bad it was to leave Jenelle alone while she was pregnant. Back at home, Jenelle told Nathan about all the times she was going to come home or watch television, and he wouldn’t be there.

Chelsea got settled in her new house, and her dad came to visit. They discussed Chelsea’s drama with getting her esthetics license and having to meet with a lawyer to get things straightened out. The two of them also talked about Adam, since Aubree was with him and his family for the weekend.

Kailyn called Jo to ask why he and Vee didn’t go to Isaac’s birthday party. Jo said they just felt awkward. Kailyn asked Jo if she could come and see the place when she picked Isaac up. He reminded her that Vee lived there as well, so Kailyn offered to reach out to Vee to talk to her. When Javi got home, Kailyn told Javi she wanted to go with him to pick Isaac up, and Javi was supportive of the idea.

Leah went to the doctor about her stress, and she was put on anxiety medication. She went to dinner with her friend Corie and filled her in on what was going on. They talked about what it was like to parent children with special needs and how expensive medical bills were.

Adam and Taylor took Aubree and the baby out to eat with his friend. Aubree started to throw a fit, so Adam took her aside and calmed her down. Adam talked about how they were coming to the end of the every other weekend agreement, and he mentioned Chelsea would try and get him to have even less time with Aubree.

Leah picked the girls up from Corey in the snowy parking lot. They continued to discuss Corey trying to call to dispute the insurance not paying for Ali’s wheelchair. Leah continued to offer suggestions on what he could say to try and convince them. Corey didn’t say much, and Leah was clearly frustrated.

Chelsea met with a lawyer to fight the Department of Labor charges she was facing. The lawyer shared the evidence with Chelsea, and he told her their next step would be to write a letter in response. He said it could be a month before she got her license, and that was if all went well. Chelsea was upset and explained this was delaying her from working.

Jenelle was upset that Nathan was leaving and cried a lot. Nathan called his friend to talk, and he told Nathan that Jenelle was upset to have to do everything alone. Nathan went into the bathroom to comfort Jenelle.

Vee read the text message Kailyn sent her to Jo. Kailyn told her they wanted to come see the place, and she tried to make amends with Vee. Vee said she was more okay with the situation than what she used to be and asked Kailyn if they wanted to do dinner. Later on, Kailyn and Javi arrived, and everyone went to look at Isaac’s room. They sat in the living room and decided to go grab dinner. While Vee was getting her jacket, Kailyn apologized for being a jerk and not letting everything happen sooner.

Leah’s grandma watched the girls while Leah was at work. Leah called Ali’s physical therapist and struggled with feeling very drowsy as a result of the new medication she was on. As she asked the physical therapist questions, she dozed off during the answers and slurred her speech so much by the end of the conversation that the therapist couldn’t understand her.

Chelsea called her dad to tell him what the lawyer said. She continued to whine and said it was preventing her from making money.

Jenelle and Nathan got ready and headed off to his court hearing. When they arrived at court, Nathan asked the lawyers if there was any way to swap his punishment for supervised monitoring for 18 months, but the lawyers assured him it was not an option. They said he would be taken into custody immediately after his hearing.

Jeremy returned home from work for the weekend, and Leah told him about the struggles with her new medication. She told him she felt like she was on drugs and didn’t like feeling like that. Jeremy told Leah to call the doctor, but she explained the doctor told her it would take time for her body to adjust. Jeremy thought it might be too high of a dosage. Jeremy asked what he could do, and Leah asked him to be there for her, which he said he would.

Isaac fell asleep during dinner with Javi, Kailyn, Vee, and Jo. Everyone agreed things went well and were all surprised at how well it went. Kailyn said it came down to Isaac and doing things for him, and she apologized to Vee for being so stubborn before. Vee agreed that everything was fine.

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