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'Teen Mom 2': 'Miss You Much' recap

Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of the 'Teen Mom' reunion specials
Photo by Mike Windle

Tonight, March 18, “Teen Mom 2” started out with Kailyn and Javi discussing the last-minute details of their wedding at home. Javi asked if Kailyn had reconsidered inviting her mom to the wedding, and she told him she didn’t want pain and unhappy feelings around her wedding day. Javi assured her that his family is taking her in and loves her to death.

Jenelle picked Jace up to give Barbara some time to get ready for his birthday party. Later, she brought Jace back to her mom’s house, along with his birthday cake. Barbara told Jenelle the frosting was “fondue,” and they couldn’t eat that kind of frosting. (Try fondant, Barbara). Jenelle proceeded to call her crazy and talked to Nathan on the phone. Barbara was not happy to hear that Nathan was on his way, so Jenelle told her she wasn’t going to like everyone coming to the party either, but she was going to have to deal with that.

Chelsea went out with her friend Chelsey and filled her in on the objection she submitted to Adam’s custody request. Chelsea explained she requested supervised visits, but she was still upset to lose out on time with Aubree.

Corey had the girls for the weekend, and Jeremy got a call to go back to work much closer to home. Leah was disappointed to have to try and handle everything on her own again. She felt frustrated that Jeremy didn’t see things from her point of view and suggested they go to counseling. Jeremy said they needed him to work and couldn’t afford for him not to, but Leah said he just didn’t understand that she needed him around.

Isaac told Kailyn how much he loved her wedding dress and asked a lot of questions about the wedding as she got him ready to go by Javi’s parents’ house. Afterward, Kailyn hung out with her bridesmaids, and Javi hung out with his groomsman.

Chelsea took Aubree to check out a dance class, and Chelsea continued to really enjoy school. Adam went to a friend’s apartment and told him Chelsea didn’t want Aubree around Taylor or the baby. He also told his friend about the visitation request he put in and how Chelsea filed the objection. Adam couldn’t understand what they would have against him if things went to court – he only had “a couple of DUIs” on his record.

Leah and Jeremy continued to argue, as Leah pushed Jeremy to find out what was wrong. Eventually, she told him they didn’t need to go to counseling because he obviously didn’t want to go. He jokingly whipped her in the face with bacon they were cooking to make BLT sandwiches, and Leah got upset and walked outside. Jeremy explained he didn’t want anyone else telling him how to live his life and how to behave in his marriage, so Leah told him they didn’t have to go.

Jace’s birthday party went well, aside from him hitting the other children and Nathan chasing Barbara around for a hug. Nathan eventually apologized to Barbara, and they talked a little – he wrapped it up with a hug from behind and some kisses on her head. (Awkward).

Ali wasn’t feeling well, so Leah’s sister came over to help her take care of the girls while Jeremy was away. Her sister pointed out that Leah had the perfect life, but Leah said she would do everything differently if she was in her sister’s shoes. Leah also told her about how she tried to bring counseling up to Jeremy and how unresponsive he was. Leah’s sister told her the kids are perfect after Leah said she cries herself to sleep wondering why Ali has the problems she does.

Jenelle stopped by Barbara’s, and the two of them questioned why Jace has to hit and be mean to others. Barbara explained that she thought Jace had mixed feelings going on because he was looking for attention and was going back and forth between spending time with Jenelle and spending time with Barbara.

Kailyn’s bridesmaids asked her how she knew Javi was the one, and she said because he puts up with her – when she was with Jordan, she cheated on him with Jo, but she doesn’t ever feel that way with Javi. GiGi also pointed out that Jo controlled Kailyn when they were together, and she agreed and said if he told her to shut up, she would listen. Javi’s cousins tried to explain themselves and their behavior, and Kailyn tried to smooth things over with the help of her friends.

Chelsea, Chelsey, and Aubree picked up Aubree’s new ballet and dance clothes before taking Aubree to class for the first time.

Jeremy returned home suddenly after telling Leah he quit his job. He told Leah he had been offered another job in New Mexico, but he would be gone for five weeks. It was higher paying, but he had to leave in a week. Leah explained that she knew Jeremy needed to have a job, but she wasn’t going to be happy he was leaving for five weeks.

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