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'Teen Mom 2': 'Keep Your Head Up' recap

Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Tonight, Feb. 4, Teen Mom 2 started out with Kailyn making a trip to the doctor, along with Isaac. As she had an ultrasound done, Isaac asked the doctor to take the baby out and was very bothered that the little guy (or girl) was in there.

Chelsea continued struggling to co-parent, so she invited Adam along to a meeting at Aubree’s preschool. After dropping Aubree off, Adam arrived to the school late and wearing a tank top, so Chelsea scolded him for being late and not wearing sleeves. The two then chatted briefly after the meeting before parting ways.

Jenelle was still spending a lot of time with Nathan and talked to him about her upcoming court date and trying to get over her heroin addiction. Nathan assured her the only judgment he would place on her was judging her that very second, and he thought she was doing a great job.

Leah and Jeremy returned from their vacation and immediately began preparing for Ali’s next doctor appointment. They met Corey and his parents at the doctor’s office the next day. The doctor examined Ali and told them she would eventually start to get weaker and may not be able to walk. He suggested some testing options and recommended a power wheelchair for her at school. After the appointment, everyone discussed what to do next.

Kailyn woke Isaac up from his nap to take him to Jo’s, but she received a text message from Jo saying he wasn’t home. After a quick call to consult with Javi, Kailyn texted Jo back to tell him she would just keep Isaac if he wasn’t going to be home. She took him along to dinner with her friends and filled them in on everything going on with Jo and her move. They wondered if Jo was scared to see Kailyn moving on with another guy and was having a power trip over letting Kailyn move out of state. Jo and Kailyn got into a text message war, so she sent everything to her lawyer.

Jenelle met with her lawyer to discuss her impending court dates. He explained the pending charges and the potential for a plea deal. Jenelle knew a felony on her record meant bad news and hoped to avoid it. Once Jenelle got back home, she told her mom what the lawyer said as she played with Jace. Barbara hoped Jenelle wouldn’t end up in prison. Nathan came to pick Jenelle up and immediately impressed Barbara with his handshake and manners. Jace fussed as Jenelle and Nathan headed out on their date.

Chelsea stopped back at her mom’s house to pick Aubree up and filled her mom in on how everything went at Aubree’s new school.

Leah struggled to deal with everything the doctor said, and the discussion continued over lunch. Corey didn’t feel like anything was wrong – he thought it was just Ali’s way, and it was fixable. Leah couldn’t understand why Ali had to have this happen and be different from everyone else. On the way home, Jeremy and Leah stopped to have Ali fitted for her wheelchair, and Leah cried the entire time. Jeremy reminded her she needed to be strong for Ali, and Leah blew her nose into her shirt, saying this isn’t how she wanted her daughter’s life to be.

A friend of Chelsea’s stopped over, and they talked about Adam. Chelsea told her she didn’t want Aubree to have a sibling.

Kailyn finally dropped Isaac off at Jo’s, and they argued about what time Jo got home and what time Kailyn should have dropped Isaac off.

Jenelle and Nathan hung out at Myrtle Beach together. Nathan wanted Jenelle to stay there longer and even told Jenelle she should keep her stuff at his house. Jenelle wondered if they were moving too fast, but Nathan didn’t think so, since they got along so well.

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