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'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans loses Nathan Griffith while he serves time

Jenelle Evans when she spent two days in jail during the taping of "Teen Mom 2"
Jenelle Evans when she spent two days in jail during the taping of "Teen Mom 2"
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Jenelle Evans has lived her life in front of television cameras for the last five years. As she bounces from boyfriend to boyfriend, she finds herself in a lot of trouble. “Teen Mom 2” has featured Evans battle drugs and multiple criminal charges. According to an April 13 report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Jenelle Evans may be seeing Courtland Rogers again. With boyfriend Nathan Griffith in jail, what else is Evans supposed to do?

“Teen Mom 2” showed Nathan Griffith in a different light for much of Season 5. Fans thought he was a good fit for Jenelle Evans but as it turns out, he is trouble too. He has been arrested for three DUIs and is currently serving a 60 day jail sentence. Evans is 7 months pregnant with his baby and burdened with the stress of his incarceration. This is a typical pattern for Evans, and many fans aren't surprised at the outcome with Griffith. Evans' mom Barbara warned her something like this would happen, and now she will forever hold it over her head.

According to Hollywood Life, Jenelle Evans is going to be visiting Nathan Griffith while he is in jail. This may or may not be safe for the baby but Evans doesn't care. In the season finale preview for “Teen Mom 2,” Griffith urges Evans to abort their baby while arguing with her in the car. Fans are shocked that he would say that to her after he had been the one pushing her to get pregnant right away.

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are set to have a baby boy early this summer. Right now Evans isn't showing any distress when she posts on social media, but that doesn't mean she isn't falling apart behind closed doors. The future for this couple remains a mystery but fans are hoping they can figure out a way to work things out for their son's sake.