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‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans aborts Courtland Rogers baby; shocks unknowing fans

Jenelle Evans selfie
Jenelle Evans/Twitter

Teen Mom 2” shocker that has fans and Courtland Rogers in shock. According to Wetpaint on January 13, Jenelle Evans was pregnant at the time of the 2012 arrest that landed soon-to-be ex-husband Courtland Rogers in jail.

Jenelle and Courtland have been separated since the April 2013 arrest for heroin possession. Life has certainly changed for the two of them. Courtland spent his time in jail while Jenelle went on with life. Both have cleaned up their drug use but Jenelle has been living life more than Rogers.

In 2013 Evans moved to South Carolina, gets to spend much more time with her son Jace, met a new guy, colored her hair a few times and now she’s having a baby. Apparently in that time between Courtland being jailed and meeting Nathan Griffith. Somewhere in that mess she did some time with on-again off-again Gary Head.

The “Teen Mom 2” trailer promo has been released. In it there is a clear understanding that Jenelle is pregnant. Not only that, she had an abortion. How she managed to keep that to herself and off Twitter is anyone’s guess. Not only were fans left in the dark, but Courtland had no idea either.

Rogers took to Twitter to tweet and delete, “WTF!!!!!” Followed by, “I had to find that s--- out from a freaking Teen mom 2 commercial [sic].”

Folks over at Wetpaint did some digging and found that Jenelle was pregnancy in late spring 2013 and terminated the pregnancy in the early summer while Courtland was still in jail. It’s fair to assume that the conception occurred shortly before the April arrest.

Season 5 “Teen Mom 2” returns January 21 on MTV at 10 p.m. EST

What do you think about Jenelle keeping the pregnancy and abortion a secret from Courtland? Sound off in the comments below.

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