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'Teen Mom 2' fight: Jenelle Evans says it was her mom's fault

Jenelle says that last night's fight on "Teen Mom 2" was her mother's fault.
Jenelle says that last night's fight on "Teen Mom 2" was her mother's fault.
Jenelle Evens/ Twitter

On March 10 Radar Online learns exclusively from a source that Jenelle Evens claims that the fight on last night's episode of "Teen Mom 2" was her mother's fault.

What wasn't seen in the show is that before Babs came over, Nathan was already in a bad mood because he had overheard Jenelle and her mother talking and Babs told her that she thinks that Nathan is trying to use the family. She called him a "pretty boy Courtland" and claimed that she cold see right through him. When Jenelle pressured her to name one other guy that compared to Nathan, her response was Gary. Jenelle was shocked and disgusted because not only did Gary cheat on her, but he used to beat her. When Jenelle brought that up, Babs still defended him saying that had he not done those things, he would have been the perfect guy for Jenelle!

Jenelle often accuses Nathan of being too nice as he is soft spoken, mild mannered, and often gets walked all over because of his kindness and generosity.

During the argument, Nathan only raised his voice to Barbara once when he accused her of getting her daughter hooked on heroine, but in true Evens' family style, Babs screamed and yelled at him the entire time of their conversation. Despite claims of Jenelle's and Nathan's relationship being on the rocks, Jenelle says she couldn't be happier and hopes to marry Nathan once her divorce is final with Courtland.