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'Teen Mom 2' fans disgusted over Jenelle Evans' treatment of dogs on latest show

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Jenelle Evans has been the target of some pretty harsh criticism since appearing on “Teen Mom 2.” From her drug abuse to the loss of her son Jace to her mother, Evans has had a rough five years. Viewers who watched the latest episode of “Teen Mom 2” Wednesday were horrified to see how a pregnant Evans treated Nathan's two dogs while he was in jail. According to an August 8 report from In Touch Weekly, PETA has written a letter to Jenelle Evans asking her to surrender the dogs to the humane society.

When the incident with the dogs occurred, Jenelle Evans was completely stressed out. On top of taping “Teen Mom 2” while Nathan was in jail serving a sentence for a DUI charge, Evans also had to take care of his dogs and had Jace alone for the weekend. There is no excuse for how she treated the animals, but it didn't appear that it was an ongoing issue. Evans has always had trouble expressing herself when frustrated, and her anger issues have never been handled properly.

After fans started expressing their anger and disgust for what aired on “Teen Mom 2” earlier this week, Jenelle Evans took to Twitter and tweeted an interview she did with MTV about the incident. It appears she recognizes what she did was wrong and unacceptable. Whether or not she truly believes what she said is another thing entirely. Evans has retweeted several fan tweets which have been supportive of her, but hasn't said too much else.

Don't expect Jenelle Evans to surrender the dogs anytime soon. It appears that the couple plans to keep them around a lot longer. Evans just gave birth to her second son, and things are looking up from where they have been. “Teen Mom 2” is airing all-new episodes Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. CT on MTV.