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'Teen Mom 2': 'Family Matters' recap

Kailyn Lowry, one of the stars of 'Teen Mom 2'
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Tonight, Aug. 20, “Teen Mom 2” started out with Chelsea, who was excited to finally receive her Esthetician license. She got all set up at work. Chelsea’s boss gave her all the supplies she needed, two rooms, and business cards. She also told Chelsea she could set her own hours.

Corey’s dad picked Ali up to take her to physical therapy. Leah showed him how to work the temporary wheelchair. Corey’s dad brought Ali back home and filled Leah in. The two also talked about Ali’s condition in general and how the wheelchair was helping.

Jenelle and Nathan went out to lunch with her mom, Barbara. They talked about the time Nathan spent in jail and how hard of a time Jenelle had with the dogs. Jenelle said they were going to meet with the lawyer to try and finalize her divorce from Courtland. Barbara joined Jenelle and Nathan in meeting the lawyer, who told them they needed to have a paternity test done to solidify the fact that Nathan was the father of Jenelle’s baby.

Kailyn continued to take care of both kids on her own. She and the boys Face-timed Javi, who was away in Texas. Kailyn said her mom was even going to come by for a visit. Jo and Vee would also be attending Isaac’s little art show, and they talked about what it would be like for everyone to be together.

Aubree started t-ball, and Adam asked Chelsea about her practice so he could join them. Chelsea tried to get a hold of him while practice was going, but she didn’t reach him until practice was almost over. He finally showed up right as practice was ending. Adam walked Aubree and Chelsea out to the car and said good-bye to Aubree.

Corey’s dad reported back to him and told him he didn’t think Ali would ever fully stay in the wheelchair at all times. Corey explained he still wasn’t thrilled with it because he didn’t want Ali to be dependent on the wheelchair.

Back at Barbara’s house, Jace misbehaved. Barbara asked Nathan about the paternity test, and he said he was getting one done so he had rights to the child no matter what happened. She wondered if they would get married, and Nathan said eventually, they would. Barbara wasn’t a huge advocate of marriage after going through a bad divorce with Jenelle’s father, but Nathan was hopeful for them.

Kailyn’s mom, Jo, and Vee went back to Kailyn’s house. They were disappointed to hear that Isaac had already gone to bed. Kailyn showed everyone around the house, and the four of them visited in the living room. Jo and Vee eventually hit the road, and they even hugged Kailyn on the way out.

Corey called Leah to tell her he wanted to take Ali’s wheelchair over the weekend to take the girls to the zoo. She reminded him to stay on the insurance to get Ali’s real wheelchair, since they still had the loaner. Leah and Jeremy talked about the situation and agreed Corey dropped the ball in getting her real wheelchair.

Jenelle’s friend stopped over while she was studying. Jenelle told her about filing for divorce from Courtland and her future with Nathan. Her friend was supportive, since Jenelle and Nathan had been through so many of the same things in life.

Kailyn continued struggling to breast feed Lincoln, so her mom stayed over to help her. Kailyn said married life wasn’t what she expected, and Javi was still learning to be a dad. Kailyn’s mom was surprised to see Jo there, and Kailyn said she was surprised her mom showed up. Kailyn said she and Jo were up and down, but she really liked Vee. Kailyn’s mom offered to watch Lincoln for a while so Kailyn could get some sleep, but she kept giving breast feeding another go.

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