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'Teen Mom 2': 'False Positives' recap

Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Tonight, Feb. 25, “Teen Mom 2” started out with Jenelle taking a pregnancy test. The second line was very faint, and her friend Tori wondered if she was actually pregnant. Jenelle went to the doctor, who told her she should have an ultra sound to find out whether she was pregnant or still recovering from her abortion.

Kailyn quit her job, since she was spending so much time in Delaware. She and Javi talked about the upcoming court hearing, since it was all she could think about.

Aubree celebrated her birthday at school, while Chelsea talked to a friend at home about Adam’s girlfriend having their baby. Chelsea was frustrated that she wanted to have a family, but now Adam was doing that with someone else. She also said they were always either really flirty or hated each other, so it was hard to co-parent.

Jeremy fainted at his job and came home from work. Leah was very worried and gave Jeremy the third degree about his symptoms. He continued to have headaches and overslept the morning of his doctor’s appointment. They argued the entire way to the appointment, since they were late and Leah worried they wouldn’t be able to get in. Afterward, they went back home, and all of Jeremy’s tests came back normal, but stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, and not eating breakfast was causing the headaches. They said he should stay off work another week.

Kailyn took Isaac over to Jo’s and sat down to try to compromise with Jo. Jo wanted to have Isaac for 10 nights, but Kailyn wanted him to come down to nine so that Isaac could attend school three days a week. Jo wouldn’t back down, so Kailyn left. She immediately called Javi sobbing in the car to tell him what happened.

Chelsea’s friends came over to get ready for Aubree’s birthday party. Adam texted Chelsea and asked to stop by. He came over and brought Aubree a birthday present – a slightly different doll than one she already has.

Nathan went with Jenelle to her ultrasound, but the technician informed them there wasn’t a baby. Jenelle was disappointed, so Nathan comforted her by telling her they would need to practice a lot (two or three times a day) if they wanted to have a baby. They went outside and sat down to discuss the situation, and Jenelle assured Nathan she did not want to go back on birth control and was ready for another baby.

Kailyn met with her lawyer and told her Jo said she was being petty. Her lawyer thought Jo might be more flexible, and they went to the hearing. After court, the lawyer explained the court results – they compromised at nine overnights and would meet in the middle for one of Isaac’s drop-offs. Kailyn asked Jo if he was okay with everything at their next exchange, and they both agreed they didn’t get everything they wanted. Kailyn told Javi what happened in court and drew everything out on the calendar.

Leah went out to eat with a friend and her sister and filled them in on Jeremy’s situation. She felt frustrated and ready to give up because of all the stress.

Chelsea’s friends, family, and plenty of other kids came over for Aubree’s birthday party, and Chelsea’s dad set up the bouncy house.

Jenelle and Nathan told her mom what was going on, and Barbara said she didn’t think it was the right time for another child. She explained Jenelle was finally starting to see Jace more than she ever had before, and she thought they both needed to get their lives together before having a baby. Jenelle reasoned that Jace wanted a brother or sister, so Barbara reminded her that Jace is four years old.

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