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Teen Mom 2 Episode 20 Recap

In the episode of Teen Mom 2 that aired on August 27, 2014, some things changed, but some things stayed the same. Viewers saw Kailyn spending time with her mom after being apart or not spending significant time together on the show for at least a season. Chelsea's ex went to jail again for breaking driving laws. Chelsea was upset because he was arrested during the weekend that Adam was supposed to have their daughter Aubrey, and she had to learn about the incident from secondhand information. Adam's parents apparently, did not feel that Chelsea should know that her ex was taken in to the big house during a visitation weekend.

Janelle and her boyfriend got into an argument. Nathan was snooping in Janelle's computer and so the argument began. Janelle, worried about her son, Jace, hearing the argument and waking up in the night, called her mother (who wasn't Nathan's biggest fan). It turns out that Nathan had been drinking wine, which isn't helping the issues that the two had been having.

Leah finally has the wheelchair, and Corey was all set to use it for a trip to the zoo, but the wheelchair wasn't working properly. At the end of the show, Leah had a very heartwarming discussing with her daughter about how the wheelchair is meant to help her twin sister and it's not really the best thing to have, but they were making it the best thing for her sister.

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