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'Teen Mom 2' dad Adam Lind threatens to take Chelsea Houska to court again

Adam Lind threatens to take Chelsea to court for visitation rights of Aubree.
Chelsea Houska/ Facebook Page

Nobody seemed too surprised that "Teen Mom 2" dad Adam Lind was being a jerk as he always was. On Jan. 21 OK Magazine shares that Adam is planning on taking Chelsea to court for visitation rights of Aubree... again.

Season five of "Teen Mom 2" started off with news of Adam's girlfriend, Taylor Halibur, pregnant with Adam's baby. This will be Aubree's half sister, which she may or may not get to see often. Adam complains that Chelsea is the reason that he never sees his daughter, however, fans know the truth that Adam hasn't been the best dad, always in and out of jail and only calling to see Aubree at the most inappropriate times.

While this may just be more open threats, it might actually be the real deal this time as Adam looks as if he's changed his image some since we last saw him. Chelsea was in school again, finishing her beauty school before moving on to becoming an anesthetist. Many are glad that she stuck with it, especially after taking a month off to get her housing situation figured out.

It looks as if it is business as usual in Chelsea's house. Do you think that Adam Lind will really take Chelsea to court this season of "Teen Mom 2?"

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