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'Teen Mom 2' Chelsea Houska doesn't trust daughter with Adam Lind

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On March 3 Teen Mom News shares that "Teen Mom" star Chelsea Houska doesn't trust Adam Lind, with their daughter, Aubree.

Chelsea says that Adam has been in too much legal trouble over the years and now, with the most recent accident he is facing five new charges that are all his fault. Chelsea says that she isn't comfortable with the two of them being alone, and especially with him driving Aubree anywhere because of his multiple offenses.

She says that they are currently working something out where Aubree has to stay with his parents, is never allowed in a car he's driving, and he can visit there where Aubree would stay safe if anything were to happen to Adam.

Adam now has two daughters by two different moms and he doesn't seem to be any more responsible than he was when he had Aubree. So far, Taylor Halbur, his girlfriend that he just had his second child with doesn't seem concerned at all about Adam's legal troubles. If she does, she hasn't said anything about it.

Do you think that Chelsea is doing the right thing by not trusting Adam to be alone with their daughter? Should she lighten up some and allow them to spend time alone?