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'Teen Mom 2': 'Cabin Fever' recap

Kailyn Lowry and husband, Javi
Photo by Jonathan Leibson

Barbara told Nathan she only wanted what was best for Jenelle to start out “Teen Mom 2” tonight, Sep. 3. She continued to have problems with Jace misbehaving and treating her with disrespect. Jenelle and Nathan tried to tell Jace he wasn’t being nice and wondered why he was so mean.

Kailyn and Isaac made a sign to welcome Javi back home. She talked to her friend Wendy about her mom’s recent visit and their relationship. They also discussed the time apart from Javi.

Leah and Jeremy tried to find a place to live more permanently that would fit Ali’s wheelchair. Leah also caught up with her friend Kayla through video chat. She was frustrated Corey wasn’t being prompt with his child support payments and not pitching in with medical bills. Leah complained to another friend about Corey’s behavior and all she does for her girls.

Chelsea and Chelsey built a fire in their driveway. Chelsea said Adam’s parents apologized to her when she dropped Aubree off. She also told Chelsey Adam had a new girlfriend named Jessica, and his old girlfriend Taylor had tried to text her about it.

When Kailyn picked Isaac up from school, he was hysterically sobbing because Kailyn wouldn’t carry him, which also caused Lincoln to start crying as well. After they got back home, Isaac continued to throw a fit. Kailyn tried to calm him down so that they could make it to pick Javi up on time.

With Aubree away, Chelsea and her friends went up to her cabin. They enjoyed some relaxing time fishing and talking about Adam. Adam and his new girlfriend took the kids to the zoo.

Jenelle and Barbara had a girls’ day while Nathan watched Jace. They went to the spa to get their nails done and get massages.

Corey talked to Miranda about the court situation with Leah. He couldn’t understand why he had to pay so much money in child support, but he was willing to go to court in order to put everything to rest.

Jenelle met with her lawyer. He explained that Courtland had not appeared in court, so Jenelle was officially divorced, and her name could return to her maiden name. Jenelle picked Nathan up and shared the good news. At home, Jenelle and Nathan discussed potential middle names for Kaiser while they put the crib together. Jenelle stopped by to pick Jace up and argued with Barbara about how to parent Jace.

Kailyn, Javi, and the kids returned home. Kailyn and Javi talked and caught up on all the time he missed, and Javi said he was glad to be home and felt like he missed out on a lot while he was away.

Leah told Jeremy what would happen with Corey and the child support payments. They both agreed they didn’t take Corey’s checks and blow them – they spent them on groceries.

Chelsea and her friends went to a bar and met up with more friends. They hoped to meet some guys, but since they were still up at the cabin, everyone was old.

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