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'Teen Mom 2': 'Breakdown' recap

Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Jenelle Evans' most recent mugshot.
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

On “Teen Mom 2” tonight, March 11, Leah woke Ali up and got her ready for her first day of school. Corey and Miranda met Leah, Ali, and Jeremy at the school. After school was done, Corey met Leah and Jeremy to pick Ali up. The teacher said Ali had done really well.

Kailyn and Javi were finally settled in their new home, and Kailyn felt bad for dragging Javi into the middle of things. They discussed the situation over dinner. Javi told Kailyn he wanted her to step on his family’s toes and get comfortable with them.

Jenelle went to visit her mom and Jace, and Barbara wondered where she had been. Barbara worried about Jenelle being in another controlling relationship, and Jenelle told her things were nothing like how they were when she was with Courtland. Barbara wanted them to have together time, so Jenelle told her she would make a better effort.

Chelsea was still upset with Adam and his parents for lying about where Aubree had stayed the last time she was at Adam’s. Chelsea received papers from Adam, so she called her dad. She read them to him over the phone, and he explained that meant Adam wanted to have guidelines for visitation. Chelsea got very whiny because she didn’t want to go through it. Her friend Chelsey stopped over, and Chelsea continued to complain about Adam.

Kailyn took Isaac along to her doctor appointment, where she asked her doctor about having a natural birth and if she could encapsulate, freeze, and then eat the placenta. He was taken aback from the request and said it wasn’t necessary. (But, thanks for sharing, Kailyn). Kailyn also told him about her move, so he said he understood if she wanted to change doctors and not drive two hours when she went into labor.

Jenelle had to have her appendix taken out, and while she was in the hospital, Barbara and Nathan got into an argument. Tori stopped over at Jenelle’s house once she was home, and Jenelle filled her in on the new drama. Jenelle played a voicemail from Barbara, and Barbara said she was very disappointed in Jenelle for choosing a guy over her and Jace again. Barbara ended up calling Jenelle, and she expressed her concerns about Nathan, but that just set Jenelle off, and she hung up the phone. Afterward, Jenelle explained to Tori that Nathan’s checks had been sent to the wrong address and they were waiting on them to be re-issued, so that was why they were using Jenelle’s money to pay for everything. When Nathan got home, Jenelle told him her mom was still upset, and she and Tori agreed Barbara thought he was just too good to be true.

Corey took the girls over to his parents’ house, and they talked to Ali about her day at school. (She said she hadn’t learned anything).

Adam went out to eat with a friend and told him about how much Aubree likes the new baby and how upset Chelsea is that Adam is going to have a family with someone other than her. He chalked everything up to her jealousy and said he went down to the courthouse to file for visitation rights.

Kailyn and a friend drove around and talked about Kailyn’s big wedding and the fact that she didn’t invite her mom or tell her what was going on. Kailyn went to try on her wedding dress, which was a little big – she wanted it to look like she was pregnant, not fat, so they planned to take the dress in a bit.

Leah talked to her friend Kayla, who didn’t like it in Las Vegas because it was too hot. Leah told her about Ali being in school and having to fill out all her paperwork, saying it was surreal and hard without Kayla around.

Chelsea and her dad met with their lawyer to file an objection to Adam’s visitation request. Back at her dad’s house, he explained that the state standards were for Adam to have Aubree every other weekend and two weeks in the summer. Chelsea had suggested supervised visits every other weekend for one night or an unsupervised visit every third weekend for one night. Chelsea started crying when her dad commented that Aubree didn’t even realize what a dad was.

Barbara and Jace went to visit Jenelle and Nathan so Barbara could patch things up. Jace brought Jenelle flowers. Barbara asked if Jenelle was worried about Courtland getting out of jail, and she warned Jenelle to lay low and not drive on the main streets. Barbara asked Nathan not to drive the car around either, and he showed Barbara all of his paychecks to let her know he was using money. They all got into a fight, and Nathan accused Barbara of getting Jenelle on heroin and taking Jace away from Jenelle. Jenelle just sat there and didn’t say anything until she told Barbara to leave.

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