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Teen Lamborghini crash: Teen killed in crash driving Lamborghini for first time

Teen dies test driving Lamborghini, smashes it into guard rail.
Teen dies test driving Lamborghini, smashes it into guard rail.
Wikimedia Commons

A once in a lifetime chance for an 18-year-old teen ends in his death. Samuel Shepard was test driving a family friend’s Lamborghini, speeding down a country road in Mount Sinai on Long Island when he hit a guardrail, reports ABC News on Aug. 30.

The car’s owner, Michael Power, 49, was a passenger in the car with Shepard when he crashed. Power’s sustained non-life threatening injuries in the crash, but Shepard died when the high-powered sports car plowed through the guardrail.

The car hit the guard rail so hard that it completely broke apart in the crash, reports the New York Post today. Shepard was rushed to Stony Brook University Hospital, but he was pronounced dead.

Frank Shepard, the victim’s brother, said that Powers is a family friend and owner of the swanky and expensive Italian sports car. There is not much information released about the injures that killed Shepard as of yet, but the New York Post did say the car came completely apart on impact.

Det. Sgt. Michael Fitzharris reports that the police believe excessive speed was a factor in the crash. He also said that the teen was probably so enthused about this test drive because it was probably a once in a lifetime chance to get behind the wheel of this expensive car, reports the Charlotte Observer today.

The family friend gave him the opportunity to do so, said Fiztharris. Gene Shepard, the father of the accident victim did tell the media that the Lamborghini was his son’s favorite car.

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