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Teen has sex with Hot Pocket for online fame

A teenager had sex with a Hot Pocket because he said he wanted to gain "online fame." According to a video report by HuffPost Live, the 18-year-old sent out a sort of "dare" on Twitter. He told the Twitterverse that if he got 420 retweets on his post, he would [expletive] a Hot Pocket after heating it up -- and post a video to Vine.

Well, the kid got his retweets and came through on his end of the bargain. He tweeted that it was "too hot" and that he had to wear a condom to have sex with the Hot Pocket -- but did he get the fame that he wanted? Aside from people reading this crazy story, no, he didn't. The teen was banned from Twitter and Vine -- so now, no one follows him.

Evidently he thought that doing something so crazy would make him an instant super star... but even Kim Kardashian didn't stoop that low. Having sex with inanimate objects (especially food items) makes you weird, not famous.

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