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McDonald's receipt tattoo: Teen inks his actual lunch receipt on arm

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A McDonald’s receipt is tattooed on the arm of a teen, but it’s not just any receipt, it is what the kid ate for lunch on Monday. This must have been one good meal to have a forever inking of it done in a tattoo on your arm!

Apparently this Danish teen is a ladies’ man and his friends wanted to punish Stian Ytterdahl for “being too active with the ladies,” according to the JD Journal on March 27. Maybe this was lost in translation, but could it be that he was active with his friends’ ladies? This is quite the punishment.

Either way, this sounds like a kid’s dare and Ytterdahl was given the choice of a McDonald’s receipt or a Barbie on his rear-end. It is not a publicity stunt and the teen is already realizing his tattoo, although one of a kind, is a bit over the top, especially after he enters old age.

He told the media that “now I am a walking billboard.” He did say this was all in fun and he offered up the rational thought that when he is 50 or 60 he might not think it is too funny. McDonald’s in Norway shot down any rumors of this being a publicity stunt, but they are thrilled by the tattoo just the same, calling him a “loyal customer.”

Sabelink Tattoo, who did the artwork, claims it is the strangest tattoo that they’ve ever done. They asked the teen if he would get their receipt tattooed on his other arm, at no charge of course!

Come Monday the teen will have his tattoo receipt tattooed on his arm. Maybe he will start a new trend of getting the receipt of a memorable purchase inked forever?