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Teen found with gun at school

student found with gun at school.

WBTV is reporting that a teenage student was caught with a firearm at a Charlotte-Mecklenburg school Tuesday morning.

According to the police, an arrest was made on scene of a 17-year-old who had brought a handgun to school with him. The student was Lathan Robinson who attended Vance High school.

Robinson was found with the firearm early within the day. No one is saying if there were any bullets.

"I want to let you know that a student brought a weapon on campus this morning. No one was injured or threatened, but this is against the law and school policy," responded Principal Melissa Dunlap.

The school and classes continued on a regular schedule. The situation is being looked in to.

Among the charges Robinson is facing are possession charges and larceny. At this time, Robinson is being held in a Mecklenburg County jail with a $5,305 bond. A court date has not been set yet.

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