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Teen football hero charged with killing missing Alabama woman

Riley Joseph Henderson has been charged with capital murder
Riley Joseph Henderson has been charged with capital murder
Mugshot provided to media Delkab County Sheriff; WHNT News

A 17-year-old teen has been charged with capital murder in the death and disappearance of 20-year-old Sarah Ortiz. The details of the case have been coming to the media since Saturday, but this Monday news report shares that the teen will be tried as an adult. WHNT News 19 reveals that the teen is a former football hero named Riley Joseph Henderson. The details of this case are still being slowly fed to the media, but it appears that the young woman suffered a violent demise while Henderson was allegedly in the commencement of another crime. This would make the capital murder charge a "special circumstances charge," which ordinarily qualifies for the death penalty. Of course, the United States doesn't allow for the execution of persons under the age of 18, so if the alleged killer is convicted, he automatically won't be put to death.

It's reported that Riley Joseph Henderson violently killed Sarah Ortiz while committing a robbery. The details of that robbery, including how Ortiz died, have not yet been released. The nature of their relationship is also not being released, but it's been confirmed that the two were acquaintances. The woman was reported missing back in mid-July and was found several days later in a body of water by a fisherman.

Henderson was scheduled to appear in court on Monday, but no reports have been published to share any updates on whether or not he appeared or what what discussed in the courtroom. This case is very sparse on details, and maybe that's a good thing -- for the solidarity of the case against the young man accused of murder. The less that is known by the public, the easier it will be to choose a non-biased jury when it comes time to convict the teen of murder.