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Teen Fashion is a Way of Expressing Themselves

Teenage fashion
Teenage fashionTeenage fashion

Teenage fashion is not only way of wearing it is also a way of expressing themselves. Hence teen fashion is a whole separate segment when you consider the world of fashion. Becoming a teenager is a time when you notice the changes in your body and mind and the same time finding your own voice and self. So, the way teenagers dress is a way of building a voice for them as well as expressing themselves.

Brand new look and feel is definitely not high in the list of favourite fashion trends of teenagers. Mostly they opt for faded or stonewashed vintage blue jeans. On top of that some prefer to wear ripped jeans to give more worn out casual look. Mostly these jeans are paired up with trendy and bright coloured tops. Also they like darned or patched jeans that give the old and imperfect look.

Graphic T-shirts is another medium highly popular among the teenagers. Even though graphic T-shirts had existed before, there is an increase of wearing graphic T-shirts among the teenagers as fabric printing has vastly developed and there are many ways to do it. Back in the day fabric printing was expensive and limited for a few colours. Since digital fabric printing became popular one could even print own customised print on a T-shirt.

During the cold months jumpers and sweaters are favoured by teenaged girls as well as boys. They come in various necklines such as cowl neck, flexible neckline and V-neck to be chosen according to the personal choice of each person. Those tops really complement the blue jeans and vintage jeans. The combination of casual jeans and jumpers/sweaters give a very casual laid back look and it is a fashion that will never go away.

When it comes to girls’ fashion short skirts is an immortal fashion trend. Mostly these skirts are worn with bright coloured tops with black leggings. It looks attractive and practical on them too as at that age they are very active and physical.

On top all of these another popular trend is that teenagers get hold of a pair of scissors and sometimes a sewing machine find their own inner fashion designer by expressing what they really need. This is a very interesting trend as each person will have the chance of wearing unique clothes which is not available anywhere else. In fact this is a trend current kids do not know about. Back in the day before the branded clothes were not commonly known, there was a time where your mother or a seamstress would make you a shirt or a dress according to your personal taste that is not available at any store. So, customising their clothes is the closest the current teenagers can become to that trend.

Some find teen fashions are outrageous and over the top. But they are in an age where they feel rebellious and adventurous. And the fashion choices they make are very well in tune with their thinking and behaviour. The way they dress is a clear sign of their unique way of expressing themselves.

Author’s Writer: Joanna Robinson is a creative writer and a blogger. She loves to write articles in many different genres. Currently she is writing about life style, latest trends and about Embroidered Hoodies