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Teen faces deportation for selling marijuana brownies for prom dress

A teenage girl in California is facing a possible deportation for selling marijuana brownies to pay for her prom dress. This week the girl was sentenced to four years of probation and nine days in prison for the pot-laced brownie sale to her high school classmates.

Saira Munoz sold pot-based brownies to pay for a prom dress and was arrested.
Yuba City Police

Saira Munoz, 18, was a student at River Valley High School when she sold her marijuana brownies at a bake sale. When one student who had eaten her brownies was rushed to the hospital, Munoz was arrested.

According to police reports, Munoz hired a fellow student to do the actual selling at the bake sale. Munoz was charged with employing a minor to sell marijuana which is a felony. In addition to her probation and jail sentence, she could be deported back to Mexico.

Munoz came to the United States in 2000 on temporary permission. The Sutter County Probation Department contacted federal agents after she was convicted resulting in her possible deportation. One of her classmates at River Valley, Carlos Robles spoke with CBS Sacramento about Munoz.

Robles said, “There’s people that deserve to be deported and she’s not one of them. She was just a very positive person. I just don’t like the turnout of this.”

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