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Teen deported pot brownies: Mexican teen may be deported for her pot brownies

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons
A Calif. teen is now facing possible deportation after her felony arrest for lacing bake sale brownies with weed.

A Mexican teen’s “pot brownies” have the temporary U.S. resident “hashed” up in quite the legal jam. The 18-year-old’s fundraising efforts were innocuous enough – selling some brownies in order to float the hefty price tag on her senior prom dress – until the young entrepreneur bolstered her brownies with marijuana.

According to the USA Today on April 10, teenager Saira Munoz, from Yuba, Calif., was sentenced last year to four years of probation and just over a week in jail for her laced brownies. But the repercussions for her doped up desserts are still being felt.

The former River Valley High School teen was turning quite the profit, until one of her brownie-buyers fell ill and had to rushed to the hospital after eating the spiked sweet.

A friend of Munoz, Carlos Robles, called the entire incident nothing more than a “mistake,” reports CBS Sacramento.

“People make mistakes,” Robles said. “I was hurt, because she got arrested, and nobody wanted to see somebody we cared about go away.”

Munoz asked a younger student to sell the brownies for her at the school bake sale. Munoz, an adult by legal age, was charged with employing a minor under the age of 18 for the purpose of drug trafficking – a felony.

Because of the felony charge, the Sutter County Probation Department was required to alert U.S. Custom officials. Munoz may now be in violation of her temporary allowance to stay in the United States, which was granted to her and her family in 2000.

Munoz, who never made it to her prom, has the support of her classmates, who say that her actions, while wrong, are not grounds to be booted out of the country.

“It’s too much trouble to deport somebody for that,” said fellow student James Steerstold. “She should not be deported for making weed brownies. I know lots of students who do that.”

Robles agrees. “No, there’s people that deserve to be deported, and she just wasn’t one of them,” Robles said. “There’s people that do way worse.”

While that may be the case, what are your thoughts on this teen’s crimes? Do you think she should face deportation hearings? Leave your thoughts below.

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