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Teen Craigslist killer, Miranda Barbour, admits to over 22 more killings

Pa. newlywed Miranda Barbour, 19, along with her 22-year-old husband, Elytte Barbour, were charged with the Nov.11, 2013 murder of Troy LaFerrara – a Pa. man they met through Craigslist. On Friday, Miranda admitted to the Sunbury Daily Item newspaper that she and her husband did indeed kill LaFerrara. The self-proclaimed Satanist also shockingly admitted to killing dozens of additional men over the years.

The 19-year-old Satanist said she stopped counting after 22 victims.  Newsy/YouTube
Newsy/YouTube screenshot

When The Daily Item interviewed her on the evening of Feb 14 and asked her how many people she’d killed, Barbour said, “When I hit 22, I stopped counting.”

"I remember everything," Miranda Barbour told the paper, adding that the November murder was the couple's first. "It is like watching a movie."

Barbour lured LaFerrara via Craigslit to a mall parking lot by agreeing to have sex with him for $100. After meeting face-to-face, they then drove together to Sunbury.

The Barbours had been married for only three weeks before murdering LaFerrara. LaFerrara’s lifeless body was discovered Nov. 12 in an alley in Sunbury, Pa., a small city located about 100 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

According to Sunbury police, Elytte Barbour told investigators he hid in the backseat of the couple's SUV as his wife picked up LaFerrara at a mall on Nov. 11. He told police that, on his wife's signal, he wrapped a cord around LaFerrara's neck, restraining him while Miranda Barbour stabbed him. ~ The Patriot News

The 43-year-old LaFerrara, from Port Trevorton, was stabbed more than 20 times according to police in Sunbury. Miranda also admitted that “LaFerrara was one of dozens of such victims she killed in the past six years.”

Barbour said that her other killings took place in Alaska, Texas, N.C. and Calif., with most of those murders taking place in Alaska. The other murders Barbour admitted to are still under investigation. Barbour told the Daily Item that she felt no remorse over the people she killed, and only killed “bad people.”

When Barbour was 13, she said she joined a satanic cult in Alaska, and soon afterwards was involved with her first murder – a man who owed her satanic cult leader money.

“It was in an alley and he (the cult leader) shot him,” she said, declining to identify the cult leader.

“Then he said to me that it was my turn to shoot him. I hate guns. I don’t use guns. I couldn’t do it, so he came behind me and he took his hands and put them on top of mine and we pulled the trigger. And then from there I just continued to kill.”

Regarding her husband, Elytte, who is currently in prison and also charged with LaFerrara’s murder, Miranda said that “He is proud of what he did,” and “I will always love him.”

Miranda Barbour concluded her interview by saying that she just wanted to come clean, and that she had no regrets over any of her alleged murders.

“If I were to be released, I would do this again.”

“By no means is this a way to glorify it or get attention. I’m telling you because it is time for me to be honest and I feel I need to be honest.”

For more on this incredible story, see the video accompanying this article.

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