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Teen charged in Orange City after allegedly shooting at deputy Friday night

Volusia County Sheriff's Office patrol car in file photo.
Volusia County Sheriff's Office patrol car in file photo.
Mike Royer

A teenage boy in Orange City was expected to be charged with Attempted Murder after allegedly shooting at a Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputy Friday night. Volusia County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Brandon Haught says the deputy was protected from the bullet by his body armor, and by the deputy’s K-9 partner who responded after the shots and bit the teenager in the hand.

Investigators were following lead

Haught says Orange City Police had been investigating an armed robbery that happened Wednesday at the Kangaroo Express on North Volusia Avenue, and had learned that a suspect in the robbery might be hiding at his girlfriend’s house on Landsdowne Avenue. Investigators learned Friday night that the suspect was at the home, and called the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office since the home is in the Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction. Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputies and Orange City Police Officers arrived at the house around 9 Friday night looking for the suspect.

K-9 defends Deputy

Haught says the teen then hid behind a shed in the backyard. Volusia Sheriff’s Deputy John Vedder and his K-9 companion Rudo also went to the backyard, and Deputy Vedder reported seeing a shadow near the shed. Haught says Deputy Vedder announced for the teen to come out from the shed with his hands up, but the teen “…jumped out with a revolver in his hands…[and] fired multiple times…” at Deputy Vedder. The deputy released his K-9 companion at that time and the K-9 bit the teen on the hand and wrist as the teen hid behind the shed again. The teen then announced that he wished to surrender. Other deputies then secured the teen, who was also treated by paramedics for his injuries.

Haught says Deputy Vedder thought at first that he had been hit only by shrapnel, but when his body armor was checked later, it “…revealed evidence that a round had actually struck him.” Deputy Vedder was not injured, and Haught says no shots were fired by any of the Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies or Orange City police officers at the scene. Haught also says a witness claims that the suspect had said earlier Friday that he would not be taken by law enforcement “…without a fight.”

The Sheriff’s Office said Orange City Police were charging the teen with Armed Robbery and Theft, and the Sheriff’s Office planned to charge the teen with Attempted Murder.

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