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Teen caught "river monster" with his bare hands on a flooded street

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North Royalton, Ohio- Wearing nothing but his Crocs and a pair of shorts, the teen went metro noodling on a flooded suburban street. “The neighbors pointed it out, after noticing bubbles and something that looked like a “river monster” surfaced.

It’s said the best time to go fishing is any time you want to go

“The neighbors pointed it out, after noticing bubbles and something moving around. I just grabbed my Crocs and ran for into the flood water,” said the sixteen-year old Jake Sawyer. Native to Asia, a thick mullet-like body and white head. Grass carp grow up 20-inches a year.

“I just sort of trapped it by Hillbilly Fishing

No teeth, no barbels. The fish was recognized to be a white amur, also known as a grass carp, a freshwater species. The invasive fish that was introduced into the American waters as a way of controlling vegetation in rivers, lakes and streams during the eighties, and can grow to be as big as 110-pounds by eating their weight in aquatic vegetation.

When the white amur runs out of aquatic vegetation it will go after land vegetation hanging over and into the water. The adult fish love to hangout near the surface of the water.

The fish came from the pond behind his home

“Right here, I trapped it in the corner and just grabbed it, and then lifted it up. My arms were about to fall asleep carrying it, the fish must have weighed at least 40-pounds.” After taking some pictures Jake took the fish and walked it back to the pond.

“I’m just glad the fish survived the storm.And we had a good night even though our basement got flooded.”

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