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Teen burned alive: Palestinian prosecutor says teen burned alive in Jerusalem

An autopsy done on a teenager’s burned body that was found Wednesday in a wooded area near the Israeli and Palestinian capital of Jerusalem revealed that the 16 year old was burned alive. Mohammed Abu Khudair’s body was beaten, bashed with what appeared to be stones, and then burned.

Reports CNN: “The teenager's death sparked widespread outrage among Palestinians, many of whom believe he was killed in retaliation for the abduction and killing of three Israeli teens. Israeli authorities are investigating who killed Khedair and why.”

Palestinian General Prosecutor Mohammed al-Auwewy said he discovered traces of smoke inside of the boy’s lungs, indicating that he was still alive and breathing while he was burned. Over 90 percent of the boy’s body had been torched. It’s believed that Abu Khudair was kidnapped and attacked by a group of far-right Jews in a revenge murder.

“The results show he was breathing while on fire and died from burns and their consequences,” al-Auwewy said. The report also showed that the teen was struck with a heavy object multiple times on his head – leading some to believe he was stoned and then burned.

The recent attacks have sparked fresh conflicts and tensions among Palestinian and Israeli forces in both the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The NY Daily News said that “outraged Palestinians pointed the finger at far-right Israeli extremists exacting revenge for the June 12 abduction and murder of three Israeli teens later found partially buried in the West Bank. Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police have been rampant.”

Arab protestors from Northern Israel have been on the uprise for five days, throwing rocks at cars, burning vehicles and lobbing homemade firebombs at riot police.

According to the BBC, thousands were in attendance last Friday for Abu Khdair's funeral, though hundreds of young people clashed with Israeli police both before and after the ceremony. Over 20 individuals were arrested; tear gas and stun grenades were used by police to control the crowds.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said “rioters do not belong in the state of Israel, and until that is resolved, their place is in jail.”

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