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Teen boys save dog with severed paw and gunshot wounds from certain death

Santa Fe boys save dog from certain death.
Santa Fe boys save dog from certain death.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

With many stories these days of teens that have used pets for target practice, five boys from Santa Fe, N.M. seemed to have restored the faith in kindness towards animals. Their story was reported by Santa Fe New Mexican on Feb. 27 as their efforts saved a dog’s life.

The teens had spotted the black pooch on Sunday as they were driving along in their pickup on a dirt road. 16-year-old Cole Bodelson said that he spotted the dog on the ground bleeding with an almost severed paw and was near death. The teenagers could have just left the dying dog alone but they chose to do whatever they could to save her life. Bodelson, along with Avery Diercks, Ryan Lee, Tristan Gress and Will Gibbs, managed to get her into the truck and take her to an emergency vet clinic.

The pooch, whose name is now Lily, was discovered to have had a rough life so far. After her extensive examination by the vet, it looks like she had been shot in the past as they found old gunshot wound scars and also pellet and bullet fragments throughout her body. Her paw had to be amputated because the wound was too bad to be able to save it. The cause of that injury was not known. Lily was also found to be blind and suffering from hearing loss, and was quite dehydrated when brought into the clinic.

Many dogs have been shot or found dead recently in the Santa Fe area, although it is not known what the story is on Lily’s injuries.

The teen boys are considered heroes for taking the time and energy to give Lily a second chance at life. In fact, Bodelson is interested in adopting the sweet dog that he helped save.

“You share a kind of a bond with an animal you save,” he said. “We found her for some reason.”

You certainly can’t argue with that!

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