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Teen beating suspect headed to court

Elderly beating suspect in Hemet, Calif. is Raymond Michael Miranda, a 14-year-old teen.

The detention hearing scheduled for Monday for a 14-year-old teen arrested by police in Hemet, Calif. in the beating and torture of an 87-year-old woman will be open to the public, according to The Press-Enterprise on April 25, 2014.

The Riverside County judicial proceeding--the equivalent of an adult arraignment hearing--is normally not open to the public due to the age of the offender. But in this case, where police say the brutality of the crime and the danger to the public warranted it, they even released the suspect's information in a BOLO, warning that he was considered a danger to the public due to the nature of the crime.

Police Lt. Dean Evans told the Riverside Press-Enterprise that if the two suspects would do what they did to an elderly woman in her own home, minding her own business, then everyone is at risk, as they attempted to murder the woman in addition to beating and torturing her.

Raymond Michael Miranda's partner in his alleged torture and beating of an elderly woman at the Camelot Independent Living center in the wee hours of Thursday was a 15-year-old male, who is also in custody at Southwest Juvenile Hall, despite fighting officers after they caught up to him the day of the attack on April 17.

The 15-year-old's younger partner, however, fled the west-central part of the Hemet crime scene in advance of the cop's arrival, and he was not apprehended until police received a tip about him being holed up in a Temecula hotel, along with others, who they did not say if they were the boy's family or friends.

Both youth will be in French Valley on Monday for their detention hearings in the matter, and it is expected the public will turn out to attend and find out if they plead not guilty or guilty of the crime of brutally beating an elderly woman. The victim remains hospitalized in critical condition, according to ABC News.

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, most of the elders who are abused by others experience it from family and friends, people they trust. But in this case, an 87-year-old woman was asleep in her home when she was awakened by the two alleged teen burglars, police said. And reports have been made that the youth didn't just beat her; they poured bleach on her too, in addition to other things, which Riverside law enforcement is refusing to confirm or deny.

The Atlanta Top News Examiner Radell Smith has a degree in criminal justice and behavioral forensics.

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